Mallory Merk Surfaces From Dark Alleyways

Mallory Merk Surfaces From Dark Alleyways

The coolest girl in town is back with new music. Mallory Merk’s second, yet to be titled, EP is coming! We’re so ready for the overflowing emotions, and we’re super happy to hear her new song, ‘Sinister’ right now! She’s kicking it as she did in the runways of New York before. Your new beloved track is here to smash it!

Classy Roadtrip

Mallory Merk’s rush of sensibility is very present in her work. With jazz tone backgrounds and lots of bass string vibes, the singer exudes an irresistible sensuality. Her warm voice is such a comfort, and all we can say is that it’s getting hotter from one song to another. From her Strangers EP to ‘North American Ride’ that you can hear below, her career is such a fun road trip to classy vintage sounds.

From Modelling To Music

Her face is maybe familiar to you. Mallory Merk worked on some of Kanye West’s Yeezy campaigns and Rihanna’s Fenty brand, and even Gucci (we’ll die for a collab with Harry Styles, obviously!). What about her sound? Smooth and vocally appealing, we are in absolute awe with her little trebles and her high notes. ‘Sinister’ is that seventies sexy love song with grooves. Who wants to go back in time?

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Dark Romance

Love is complicated. Though, one thing is certain. “When I need you / I just wanna hold you tight,” hums the singer, playing virtuously with her sweet tonal abilities. Romance is at our door. Our other half may feel misunderstood or in their darkest times, but we relate and just want to touch the soul and the heart. That’s what Mallory Merk explains in the beautiful song. Are you geared up for your romantic date night? Stream or download ‘Sinister’ here. Watch the official video from Mallory Merk here.

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[…] Mallory Merk is a beast on stage. She puts all her soul into her work, and she proved it many times. The singer smashed it again with her rendition of ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ by Jet. Who in this crowd can’t wait for the upcoming singer’s EP? Recently, we had a cool glimpse of it when she released ‘Evol.’ Now, Mallory Merk jive with her guitar on this classic indie reprise. With her vintage outfit, she knows how to catch our attention. […]


[…] Our favorite track off of this EP has got to be the opening track, ‘Over Sentimental.’ The entirety of Counterparts is such easy listening, you want to be vibing the whole time. This project is so different than ‘evol,’ which we previously checked out on another New Music Friday from Mallory Merk. […]

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