Niall Horan + Anne-Marie Are A Match Made In Heaven On ‘Our Song’

Niall Horan + Anne-Marie Are A Match Made In Heaven On ‘Our Song’

Niall Horan and Anne-Marie have teamed up and released ‘Our Song,’ and it is an absolute jam. We never knew we needed this pop match-up, but we are thankful to whoever made this possible. Go back in time with us and picture yourself in the ’30s with Niall and Anne-Marie as Bonnie and Clyde!

The Song

‘Our Song’ is a perfect masterpiece that we feel blessed to be able to hear. Niall and Anne-Marie’s voices mesh so well. The song opens up with Niall’s stunning vocals and flows into the chorus, where Anne-Marie joins him and creates a beautiful harmony. We get major road trip summery vibes, and we are here for it!

Just when I think you’re gone, hear our song on the radio

Just like that, takes me back to the places we used to go

And I’ve been trying but I just can’t fight it

When I hear it I just can’t stop smiling

Not only do their voices create a catchy and stunning harmony, but they also made sure we could hear the things that make each of their voices so distinctive. We absolutely love the harmonies and the ad-libs that each of them does throughout the chorus and verses. We can already picture ourselves belting out this song on our road trips this summer! This is the heartbreak anthem we needed, and we are so happy this dream collab happened. Because although this is about the aftermath of heartbreak and could have been an emotional ballad, Anne-Marie and Niall gave us hope and sang about reminiscing on the happy times of a relationship.

The Music Video

First off, Anne-Marie and Niall as Bonnie and Clyde?? Sign us up! Second, thank you from the world for not using the Youtube countdown clock for the video premiere. Music stans from all over sincerely appreciate it. Now let’s get into the video…

The video starts with Niall placing some duffle bags in Anne-Marie’s car, and we get the first look at their Bonnie and Clyde personas. Both Anne-Marie and Niall are styled in iconic fashion pieces, and they really embody that time while also making it modernized. We need to know where we can get Anne-Marie’s dress, earrings, and sunglasses ASAP! Basically, we just need her entire outfit. We also need Niall to wear suits for the rest of his life. Fashion king! *chefs kiss*.

The video follows them as they happily drive down some rural English roads until the police show up! They are now involved in a high-speed chase that ends with them being surrounded. One of our favorite parts of the music video was when both Anne-Marie and Niall took off their sunglasses, and their jaws dropped when they got surrounded. Such an iconic moment, and we will be using that as a reaction gif from now on!

Watch the Bonnie and Clyde-inspired music video below!

Future Plans We Are Excited For

Not only did we get an iconic song and music video from Anne-Marie, but we also got the announcement of her upcoming album! The album is called Therapy and will be released on July 23rd, and we cannot wait! Pre-save and pre-order the highly-anticipated album here!

What was your favorite part of the ‘Our Song’ music video? Let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram!



Featured Image Credit: Anne-Marie via Instagram

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