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This Is, In Fact, An Album Of Waterparks’ Greatest Hits!

This Is, In Fact, An Album Of Waterparks’ Greatest Hits!

WHAT?! HOLD UP! ARE WE DEAD?! IS THIS REAL LIFE!? WATERPARKS just dropped their tantalizingly teased new album, Greatest Hits, and were still processing it because OH MY GOSH! It is a masterpiece!

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We thought that them naming the album Greatest Hits was just meant to be funny, but NO! They were foreshadowing for us that this album is, in fact, an album of their greatest hits so far! And that’s coming from stans who are still outwardly and obnoxiously obsessed (NO SHAME!) with our faves, Fandom and Double Dare

Before we get into the superb track listing, let’s talk about the overall aesthetic and sound of this album. One thing Waterparks proves they are superior at with this album (besides everything, duh) is experimentation. Every single song sounds completely different from the rest, and yet it all flows so perfectly together, like adding chocolate or caramel topping to a sundae, and the cherry on top is Awsten’s astronomical vocals and Geoff and Otto’s mind-blowing instrumental talent that was gifted to all of them by the Gods.

These guys are finally finding THEIR sound, but that doesn’t mean they’ll stick to a one-in-the-box thing. They pride themselves on being spontaneous and unique, and we wouldn’t trade that for the world! 

Now, about those songs, or what we like to call works of art, every song on this album tells a story, and each one is a different piece of that story – all perfectly and strategically handcrafted to represent what this Waterparks album is about. It also showcases what goes on inside the band’s mind and every human emotion possible, felt through the lyrics. Many of the songs pulled on our heartstrings just enough to make us cry, but what else is new? We’re pretty emotional beings here at THP, and Awsten has a way of portraying emotions so effortlessly, it’s easy to get lured in and become hypnotized.

What we’re saying is – IT’S PERFECT!

Not a single skippable song out of the entire 17-track lineup, and aside from the already released singles ‘Snow Globe,’ ‘Numb,’ ‘Lowkey As Hell,’ ‘You’d Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out To Get You),’ ‘Violet!,’ and ‘Just Kidding,’ which we’ve been jamming out to for weeks/months now, we are vibin’ extremely hard to ‘Fuzzy,’ ‘The Secret Life Of Me,’ ‘Crying Over It All,’ and ‘Magnetic.’ At least for the moment, ask us tomorrow and we’ll probably be obsessing over different ones because this album is just THAT good! It’s so in-depth and dynamic, every time we listen to it, we find something else to love.

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Okay, we’ll stop before we talk you to death! You’ll just have to listen to it for yourself to see what we mean, so go and stream the new album here! Trust us, it’ll be the greatest self-care you ever did! 😌

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What do you think of Waterparks’ new album Greatest Hits? Which song is your favorite? Which one do you think is going to be phenomenal live (hint: it’s all of them!)? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Amy Fleisher Madden via Waterparks Instagram

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