This Mega Collab Is Already ‘Echo’-ing On Our Playlist

This Mega Collab Is Already ‘Echo’-ing On Our Playlist

If this takes too long to come out, we’re blaming Armaan Malik, Eric Nam, and KSHMR, ’cause we haven’t been able to stop vibing to their super hot collaboration ever since it dropped!

Three pop icons from three different cultures and backgrounds have come together to deliver a first of its kind Asian music platter in the likeness of ‘Echo.’ Packed with resounding lyrics and powerful vocals by I-Pop sensation Armaan Malik and multi-faceted Korean-American artist Eric Nam, ‘Echo’ is already on heavy rotation in our playlists! Add to that the genre-blending production by Indian-American EDM icon KSHMR – a perfect recipe for the ultimate summer anthem! Stream it here, now!

The song majorly talks about the indecisiveness in a rocky relationship that polarizes partners. But, if thought about more generally, ‘Echo’ also touches down on world issues and how polarized people have been lately with the racial and social injustices around the globe. And also, in non-romantic relationships, where people fail to reach a common ground.

“Tell me what we’re fighting for
Is it really worth the battles?
We’ve been going back and forth
Like an echo [echo, echo, echo]”

While the lyrics are relatable at epic levels for Gen-Z, at the end of the day, ‘Echo’ is also that feel-good vibey track that inspires optimism and happiness, especially at a time when every day welcomes us with some sort of bad news.

Asian Music On The Rise

A major step in solidifying the representation of Asian musicians on a global stage for international pop music, the collaboration also comes just in time for the Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month in the US. Therefore, seeing three Asian artists work on a sonic project together, from different parts of the world, delivering the best of themselves to the world, further radiates inspiration and hope.

“From where I stand currently, I am very hopeful of the artists from India in general because we have huge potential to crossover and make our mark in global entertainment. The only thing we need to change is how Indians, and Asians in general, are stereotyped and perceived globally. But, when I see artists like A.R. Rahman and Priyanka Chopra pushing the envelope and making a name for themselves on the global stage, it gives me immense hope and courage to pave the way for the next generation of musicians and artists to follow their dreams and make being ‘globally successful’ a reality.”

Armaan Malik via GQ India

‘Echo’ is already garnering millions of views and streams, plastering itself on Billboards across the world, and making history as one big international roar! Have you listened to ‘Echo’ yet? What is your favorite visual from the music video? Tell us everything in the comments or on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Armaan Malik via Twitter

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