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MARINA Is Showing Us ‘Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land’ & We Don’t Wanna Wake Up

MARINA Is Showing Us ‘Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land’ & We Don’t Wanna Wake Up

Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

If you’re like us, you’ve probably been obsessed with MARINA since the Electra Heart days. She is crazy talented and we can’t get enough of her music. Her latest musical direction has her calling out society’s underlying problems but in an unexpected, upbeat way. Just listen to her latest tracks ‘Purge The Poison‘ and ‘Man’s World.’ You wouldn’t think that a song that sounds like that would have a theme that serious but that’s the genius behind it! Her latest release ‘Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land,’ the title track of her upcoming album, follows this same pattern.

First of all, can we just say, we have incredibly high hopes for this album because like have you been listening to these songs?! If the rest of the album is anything like these recent tracks, we have a feeling that it will be a guaranteed chart-topper! Okay, now back to this track. 

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‘Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land’ 

Wow, where to begin with this song? The track has an incredibly distinct 80s synth vibe to it, blended with a more contemporary sound. It opens strong, with a drumbeat you can feel in your whole body and a vibe that makes you want to get up and dance. MARINA’s vocals are exquisite as always and are perfect for the type of music she makes. The visual for the track also gives us heavy 80s vibes, from the colors and scenes to some of the outfits and the grainy-looking filter. We absolutely dig it.

Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land
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Existential crisis but make it 80s glam rock.

What can we say, that’s what you get when the lyrics and production of this track combine! We know it sounds weird but hear us out, just pay attention to these lyrics for a second: 

I am here to take a look insidе myself
Recognize that I could bе the eye, the eye of the storm
I am not my body, not my mind or my brain (Ha!)
Not my thoughts or feelings, I am not my DNA
I am the observer, I’m a witness of life
I live in the space between the stars and the sky

We’re totally into MARINA’s whole deep, philosophical vibe and her message. It’s easy to see the themes she talks about in her songs, play out in society. As a result, this track, and probably this album, are arriving at a perfect time to help us take a critical look at ourselves and the world around us. She has a very clear-cut message that she wants to send and we are in full support of it! 

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You can stream ‘Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land’ here and if you just can’t wait for the album, go ahead and grab tickets for Ancient Dreams Live From The Desert. MARINA will be performing the new album and hosting a Q&A and album breakdown from the California desert. The event will take place June 12th and 13th, depending on your time zone, so don’t miss out! 

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What do you think of ‘Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land?’ Are you ready for the rest of the album to drop? We’re buzzing about it over on Twitter @thehoneypop so come chat with us! Or leave a comment below! 

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