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Sara Bareilles Has Never Missed

Sara Bareilles Has Never Missed

It really is as simple as the title says. Sara Bareilles has been pumping out the absolute best music for years, and we know she’s not stopping anytime soon. From her albums to her work in the Broadway hit show Waitress, it’s all top tier.

Recently Sara Bareilles has released her newest project, Amidst the Chaos: Live from the Hollywood Bowl, and we’re in love! Her live vocals have always set her apart from her peers and have made us lifelong fans, so this is our ideal album experience.

To celebrate the release of this live album, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the most iconic tracks of Sara’s and reminisce.

Don’t forget to listen to Amidst the Chaos: Live from the Hollywood Bowl here!

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We love Las Vegas! Escaping to Sin City is always at the forefront of our minds, so we relate too hard to this track. We also love New York, and this track covers all the places we think about disappearing to daily. It’s perfect for the wanderlust side of ourselves that wants to start brand new and achieve all of our dreams in a big broad city. This is one of Sara Bareilles’s earliest tracks, but we listen to it so often you’d think it was brand new.

‘Love Song’
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When you think of Sara Bareilles, there’s a good chance you think of this song. It shot her to superstardom, and thank goddness for that! It was a clap back at her record label. They kept telling her to write a “love song,” so this was her response. It’s entirely genius. We honestly can’t quite think of a better response to someone trying to control art. It’s is such a personal thing and shouldn’t be forced. Whenever we want to reminisce on our high school days, we turn this song on full blast and sing it at the top of our lungs.


If you’re ever looking for a pick me up, look no further than ‘Brave’ by Sara Bareilles! ‘Brave’ is an insanely upbeat track, and it’s a song that can turn around any bad day. If you want to get the full affect of the track, you have to turn the volume up to the max volume and just gave a full-blown dance party. We can’t even adequately express how many times in 2013 we used the Instagram caption “I wanna see you be brave.” It was the biggest song at the moment, and we ate it up then and still do now.

‘King of Anything’
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‘King of Anything’ and ‘Mr. Know It All’ exist on the same wavelength. The track is a call out to someone who feels they are superior. We love to see Sara Bareilles so beautifully put them in their place. If you haven’t listened to this track with the windows down in the car with friends, we’d highly recommend it! Especially right after a breakup.

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