5 Florida Georgia Line Songs Your Playlist Needs

5 Florida Georgia Line Songs Your Playlist Needs

Hi. Hello. We’re back again with recommendations for your playlist, and this time our duo of choice is Florida Georgia Line. Yes, we are coming back to country music baby! Our goal here is to make you all love Florida Georgia Line’s music as much as we all do. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!


We simply (haha) had to start with this one. ‘Simple’ is just one of those songs that you can picture yourself screaming along to in a car with your friends with the windows down and… wow, we really miss those moments. Anyway, this song gives off those vibes and should really be on your road trip playlist.

‘Meant To Be’

Another song with strong road trip vibes, but this is the kind we’d probably sing to a significant other. Or not, you do you! Either way, it’s a laid back song with adorable lyrics that everyone needs to listen to every once in a while.


Is there anyone in the whole world who wouldn’t love to hear someone say they’re “high on loving you”? Say what you will, but no one does love songs like Florida Georgia Line does love songs.

‘Get Your Shine On’

A bit of an oldie, yes, but come on! This song screams summer playlist and you can’t deny it. So hurry up, get your sunglasses, and get your shine on with Florida Georgia Line as your soundtrack.

‘Life Rolls On’

If you have a “calm down, everything will be okay” playlist, add this song to it immediately, we promise you won’t regret it. “It might be alright/it might be all wrong/but life rolls on,” yes it does!

We feel like we should finish this by saying we recommend you listen to Florida Georgia Line’s entire discography, but should definitely start with these five songs!

And then you should come back and tell us your thoughts in the comments or tweeting us @thehoneypop. We’ll love to hear your thoughts!

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Featured Image Source: John Shearer

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