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Bruno Mars Keeps Dishing Out Certified Bops

Bruno Mars Keeps Dishing Out Certified Bops

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Everyone at this point is aware of the fact that Bruno Mars is just about the biggest deal ever right? Okay, glad we’re on the same page! This year with the debut of Silk Sonic we’re even more sure that Bruno Mars is a name we’ll be hearing for decades to come, they just don’t make many artists like him!

As of the time we’re writing this, in May of 2021, Bruno Mars has made history as the first artist ever to have five RIAA diamond-certified songs. Talk about legendary! The songs in which shot him to this incredible honor are, ‘Grenade,’ ‘That’s What I Like,’ ‘Uptown Funk,’ ‘Just The Way You Are,’ and ‘When I Was Your Man.’ What a lineup of some of the most iconic songs of our generation.

In celebration of this incredible achievement, we feel it’s time for us to just gush about our all-time favorite Bruno Mars tracks! We’re going to be jamming out so feel free to join us!

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It’s my birthday!! No it’s not!!

Okay, now we’ve got that incredible opening line to a song out of the way. ‘Perm’ is truly the shining star on 24k Magic. It’s such a funky song and hits different at any party where it’s turned on. We’ve tested this theory multiple times and can confirm everyone’s mood boosts when this track comes on. It’s just so much fun and feels like a revival of an older time in music.


This track is on the album Unorthodox Jukebox which is pure gold! This track just so happens to be our favorite off of the record! The vocal moments? Incredible! The heavy drums? Unreal! We simply are just counting down the days when Bruno Mars tours again and we can get down to ‘Gorilla.’ It’s way past time for this to happen so Bruno Mars if you’re reading this, we’re begging at this point.

‘That’s What I Like’

All we want to do is jump on a yacht and live our best life with this song as the soundtrack. It’s such a larger-than-life track and just highlights a self-indulgent life we all like to daydream about. Out of all the recent Bruno Mars tracks, this is probably the one that plays the most. It’s a general public darling and we love that.

‘Uptown Funk’

There’s no way you’ve made it through life thus far and not heard ‘Uptown Funk.’ It was the biggest song in 2014 and 2015 and just took over the radio. It stays true to its name by being funky and keeping that classic Bruno Mars stamp on it. And of course, we can’t talk about this track without appreciating the genius that is Mark Ronson who is an essential part of making this track one of the biggest of all time.

‘Marry You’

Yes, this being a huge number on Glee does have something to do with its spot on the list. It’s just such a solid love song and so bright and bubbly. We have long decided we’ll be walking down the aisle to this track, it’s the superior wedding song. If eloping in Las Vegas was put into a song, it would be this track.

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