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BTS 2021 MUSTER SOWOOZOO Is Coming! Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Annual Event

BTS 2021 MUSTER SOWOOZOO Is Coming! Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Annual Event

ARMY, get ready – BTS is back and ready for this year’s muster! With weeks to go until their eighth anniversary, the Bangtan Boys have revealed that this year’s muster theme is SOWOOZOO. They have revealed an intergalactic aesthetic poster teasing the upcoming event, paying tribute to their song ‘Mikrokosmos’ from their 2019 album Map of the Soul: Persona.

What is BTS Muster SooWooZoo 2021 The Honey POP Guide To Festa fan event
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The event is the first of BTS musters since before the pandemic – with Bang Bang Con: The Live taking its place last year in light of COVID 19 preventing live in-person events – and will take place over two days: Sunday, June 13th, and Monday, June 14th. The latter will be the ‘world tour version’ with some of their foreign language songs. With the GRAMMY-nominated ‘Dynamite‘ and recently released ‘Butter,’ alongside a collection of Japanese songs, we are super stoked to see which they choose to perform!

There’s still a minimal amount of info about this year’s event (as in… we literally just gave it to you, the rest is under wraps!), but with many new ARMY who have yet to experience a muster event, we thought we’d break it down for you so you’re prepared. You’re welcome.

What is muster?

Every year, BTS celebrates the anniversary of their debut, and they go all out for this special event. Think of it as a Christmas for ARMY. For two weeks, an event known as Festa takes place where every day we are blessed with the best Bangtan content, including exclusive clips, songs especially for the event (where the likes of the rap line’s ‘Ddaeng’ and Jungkook‘s ‘Still With You’ were born), and so much more. To conclude, the muster is a live event where the boys spend time with their beloved ARMY both in-person and via live stream. It seems as though in light of the pandemic, this will follow in the same format of Bang Bang Con: The Live and Map of the Soul One and be exclusive to online, but nevertheless, it’s such an exciting time!

Each muster has a theme, with 2019 being themed after their song ‘Magic Shop,’ and their 2018 4th muster being themed ‘Happily Ever After.’ This one is themed on ‘Mikrokosmos,’ which sings to the endlessness every human individual possesses, referencing the ancient Greek philosophy of microcosm, the perception of viewing humans as their own little world or mikros kosmos.

What happens at the muster events?

The muster events are essentially a concert but with that extra sprinkling of BTS magic. Songs they don’t typically perform (such as the old but goldies, or Festa songs) and often have little skits or cute costumes. Often, you’ll have seen these clips in compilation videos on YouTube because they’re just simply iconic.

What can we expect from this year’s muster?

Well, it’s a surprise! From the setlist to special skits, nothing will be unveiled until the event. However, with the second event including their foreign language songs, we’re pretty much guaranteed to get ‘Dynamite’ and ‘Butter’ on that day’s setlist, with a possibility of Japanese songs such as this year’s ‘Film Out’ or last year’s ‘Stay Gold,’ and ‘Your Eyes Tell.’ There are so many other things BTS could have up their sleeves, and while nothing is confirmed, we’re absolutely manifesting that with the release of D-2 last year, our friend Agust D could make an appearance once more. He released a song featuring RM so we could potentially see something like when Jimin joined him to perform ‘Tony Montana.’ Simply iconic! But alas, this is just what we’re hoping – we really are going into this with no idea.

How can I make the most of muster?

It’s a special time for BTS and ARMY alike so it’s time to make the most out of it! Get your ARMY Bomb, all your best BTS merch, and invite your fellow fans to join in – either in person or through social media, both work! It’s also a great time to get some snacks in, or even make BTS-inspired snacks (we highly recommend checking out @BTSARMYKitchen for some incredible inspo!) Basically, the energy your family has for sports events like the Super Bowl can be applied here with Bangtan vibes. OH, and tissues and any kind of waterproof makeup. This is an emotional time for everyone including the members, so be prepared!

How can I watch the muster event?

Info for tickets has just been released, and there are different ticket options available such as single-day options, two-day passes, 4K options, and multiple screen options. Tickets will go on sale from 12 PM KST on Wednesday, May 26th, and will remain on sale until 7:29 PM KST on Sunday, June 13th. More info can be found in the tweet below or at Venew Live.

We’re so excited, we can hardly wait!

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Are you excited about this year’s muster? What are you hoping to expect from the show? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: BigHit Music

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