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Let´s Say Thank You Tommo With The ‘Kill My Mind’ Project

Let´s Say Thank You Tommo With The ‘Kill My Mind’ Project

Louis Tomlinson is the king of music, and there’s no way to doubt his crown. He has shown us that he is the talented and incredible songwriter and singer we love, our favorite British sassy king. And now is time for us to show him how badly we love him and his music, especially ‘Kill My Mind!’

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‘Kill My Mind’ was the grand opening for Tommo’s new album Walls, which turned everyone into a “nightmare on the dancefloor” for everyone around us because, let be honest, we are repeating his album all day long!

But Louies, it’s time to take action! Our favorite Doncaster singer has just an average of 59,200 streams according to Spotify, but we need to get to 65,000 to show how much the world loves Louis Tomlinson! Also, we need to make this song enter Louis’ popular 10! This smashing tune needs to be on top of everything! If we don’t see it there, our Tommo Way is gonna get over us!

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The Kill My Mind Project

Louies around the world have gathered their forces to create the Kill My Mind Project, which consists of making this song get what it deserves because this bop needs to reach every single spot in the world! How can people live without listening to it?

Wanna be part of the Kill My Mind Project? Don’t worry cause the fandom is helping us to understand how to stream our favorite Louis single! Here are some things you can do:


Create the most creative playlist including ‘Kill My Mind’ between every three songs. Look for other streaming playlists and switch between them! Don’t forget to interact with the app so it can remember that we are humans listening to the most talented singer! Don’ts: Don’t mute, loop, or shuffle songs or use VP or Autoplay.


Play ‘Kill My Mind’ while the app is open and click the button so it can shazam the song! Don’t forget to clear the app’s data in settings to do it again! Warning: don’t use headphones!


Use the hashtags #kmmproject and #KMM to expand the voice! Use your platform to invite people to join the streaming parties! Also, don’t forget to stay tuned to the activities several stan accounts will be doing!


Use the song as much as you can! Let’s try to get this song trending! Don’t limit yourself to post Louis-related videos, think of other ways to reach people with the song! Ask big accounts to join us using the song, and don’t forget to add Louis’ related hashtags!


made this while watching louis’s livestream again💙 #art #artist #drawing #louistomlinson

♬ Kill My Mind – Louis Tomlinson

Radio Request

Request ‘Kill My Mind’ on your favorite radio stations as much as you can! There are many ways to reach them. Look for a special website or call them to ask them to play the track. But beware, we don’t want to be rude!

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Watch the music video and the lyrics video! Comment on the videos and interact with other Louies, but without spamming! We don’t want Youtube to get mad at us! Between the videos, watch others of your favorites. You can also watch the videos of ‘Don’t Let It Break Your Heart,’ ‘We Made It,’ ‘Two Of Us,’ ‘Miss You,’ and others from Tommo.

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Finally, share the links to the videos, the song, and the activities Louies are doing to all your friends and people around you! We want everyone to get to know our king and the awesome song that ‘Kill My Mind’ is!

Learn more about the project HERE!

Let’s all join forces and show how much we love Louis! It is time to give back everything he has given us through life! There’s no way we can thank him enough for everything, but we can help him grow!

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Tell us who you are sending the song to and also who are you planning to have your streaming party within the comments! Vibe with us for more info on the Kill My Mind Project on our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!


Featured Image Source: Charlie Lightening via Louis Tomlinson Instagram

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