Declan J Donovan Sets The World On Fire

Declan J Donovan Sets The World On Fire

Do you want to find a way to declare your flame to your crush? We got the solution for you, well, thank Declan J Donovan for sorting it out, honestly. His new song ‘Into The Fire’ is the most romantic track of the spring season.

Walk The Wire For You

Princess Marianne knows Robin Hood will do everything for her. As Bryan Adams once sing in ‘Everything I Do, I Do It For You,’ Declan J Donovan goes all over the romanticism again on ‘Into The Fire.’ The chorus is filled with passion. The Essex singer-songwriter is crazy in love dropping beautiful lyrics with his delicate voice. “Baby I’m a lover not a fighter / But you know that I’d walk across this wire / Throw myself into the fire / Just to get to you to get you,” he fascinates us with his mesmerizing tones.

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Can’t Help Falling In Love

“I’m wondering are you dancing by yourself / Still singing the A team / Like when we were eighteen / Cos lately I’m not thinking bout myself / Cos all I can think of is you,” Declan pleads on the first part of ‘Into The Fire.’ Our Directioner and Sheerio hearts are melting. Young love stories are the best! They are indeed complicated, but plenty of true feelings. These Ed Sheeran and 1DFour vibes are totally getting at us. It’s that kind of song that makes us fall in love! The vocals grow like butterflies in a colossal piano crescendo. Leave everything behind, float over the sea of sweet, delicate tones, and enjoy the anthemic melodies. True love wins with Declan J Donovan.

‘Into The Fire’ is available everywhere, and get it now! Stream the pop ballad here!

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