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Lana Del Rey’s Surprise Drop That We’ll Never Get Over!

Lana Del Rey’s Surprise Drop That We’ll Never Get Over!

The Fourth of July? What do we celebrate? We guess that would be more than Independence Day this year! Queen Lana Del Rey will release a new album! Really? It’s not a drill! After Chemtrails Over The Country Club last March, she’s already gifting us new material. Not only one, but three tracks are out now. Let’s take a look at the teasers for Blue Banisters.

‘Text Book’

The first track that came out of nowhere is ‘Text Book.’ Lana Del Rey, quiet as a mouse, released this without any warning. She took everyone by surprise. The acoustic guitar sound is only a small drop of water into the entire song. The singer-songwriter’s voice covers all the space in a spellbinding manner. The ethereal poetry tells the story of someone who lost confidence and searches for a paternal figure. Then, this person found someone to relate to and wants to rewrite history with this one. Lana Del Rey knows how to create dreamy moods. We love it!

‘Wildflower Wildfire’

Here’s the deal / What I can promise is / I’ll lie down / Like a bed of wildflowers / And I’ll always make the sheets / Smell like gardenias wild at your feet / And I nourish you hazily,” coons Lana Del Rey metaphoricall on the opening verse. Layering her vocals into mezzo-soprano style, she plays with the emotions, from high notes to bass tones. We are so hooked on her poetic witchcraft. As Marina or Lorde, Lana Del Rey is the queen of making bops that can make us cry or smile.

‘Blue Banisters’

Haunting. That’s the only word that can describe the musical coating of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Blue Banisters’ track. The singer reflects on life when it’s all settled down in the countryside. Her low tones vocals remind us of London Grammar’s Hannah Reid or Florence And The Machine and flow through the seasons. To reprise Lana Del Rey’s words, “Summer comes, winter goes / Spring, I skip, God knows / Summer comes, winter goes / Spring, I sleep, Heaven knows.” – Life is like driving in the fast lanes of the different seasons. One is dark and cold, the other day could be sunny and warm.

The Goddess Of Indie Music

Lana Del Rey’s eighth album, Blue Banisters, is coming sooner than you think! We are so overwhelmed! We didn’t expect to get new material this fast. The singer worked with Gabriel Edward Simon and Kanye’s collaborator Mike Dean. She proved, once again, that she is an indie music goddess. Her lyrical poetry is just too powerful for this world!

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What is the track you relate to the most between these three? Hard to choose, uh? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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