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Ready To Stan SEVENTEEN? Here Are 13 Tracks You Should Start With

Ready To Stan SEVENTEEN? Here Are 13 Tracks You Should Start With


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If you’ve been in the K-POP world there is probably a good chance you’ve heard of a group called SEVENTEEN. But if you haven’t and this is your first time, welcome into the world of a 13 member K-POP powerhouse group.

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SEVENTEEN or SVT, is a K-POP boy group that is going on six years, since their official debut in 2015. The group is split into three units the Vocal Unit: Jeonghan, Woozi (leader), Joshua, DK and Seungkwan, Performance Unit: Hoshi (leader), Jun, The8 and Dino and finally Hip-Hop Unit: S.coups(leader and also main leader), Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon.

If you wanted to just listen to their music before deciding whether to get into the group, well you’ve come to the right place. So, to further convert more people into Carats, we have put together 13 tracks, one for each member, that you should definitely listen to if you want to get into the group. Songs such as the iconic ‘Aju Nice’ and ‘Mansae’ are not included in the list, but they are songs you should check out if you haven’t already. Let’s get started!

‘Change Up’

Starting off with a track from the leaders of SEVENTEEN,’Change Up’ and its catchy hook shows off the talent that each of them have and why they are the ones in charge.


Need a way to push through those tough days? Look no further than ‘Clap’ before you know it, any problem you will face you will just clap along.

‘Don’t Wanna Cry’

With its deep, soft, and powerful lyrics, this track is for sure one of the most emotional. Need a good cry? SEVENTEEN’s ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ always does the trick!

‘Fallin’ Flower’

Probably the most beautiful song you’ll ever hear, the Japanese single ‘Fallin’ Flower’ gives you whimsical vibes through and through.


‘Fear’ comes from their iconic An Ode album and instantly became a fan favorite, with it’s high notes and catchy dark lyrics.

‘Good to Me’

‘Good to Me’ deserves all the hype it gets, with DK and Seungkwan showing off their amazing high vocals, the choreo, and the stage, it has everything.


This track and choreo has so much energy behind it, immediately pulling you in, you can’t help but jam along.


‘Home’ is a track and MV that instantly warms your heart, no other track gives you that calm feeling like this one. SEVENTEEN truly represents a home.


A catchy bop from the Performance team, ‘MOONWALKER’ gives the unit it’s own spotlight and they did not disappoint.

‘Run To You’

After it’s initial release in the Directors Cut album and fans begging, we were finally given the Japanese version and let us tell you, it would go perfectly for an anime opening.

‘Snap Shoot’

With an MV that was produced directed and shot by Mingyu, ‘Snap Shoot’ and its choreography is so fun and cute, and just wait till you hear Dino’s verse.

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A tribute to SVT fans, ‘Thanks’ has the whole group stepping up. It also had an MV that showed the world the gender stereotypes that they continue to break.


Get ready for some real talk about mental health, as SEVENTEEN’s Hip-Hop Unit discusses each of their personal struggles.

So there you go, your very own SEVENTEEN starter pack, and if that wasn’t enough, we made a little playlist for you, happy listening!

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Want to learn more about SEVENTEEN or see what they’ve been up to, such as their upcoming comeback? We got you covered!


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