Sheryl Crow Rocks Like A Crown!

Sheryl Crow Rocks Like A Crown!

All I wanna do is have some fun!” Sheryl Crow sang this hooking line several times and it became a huge classic. To celebrate her career and cheer up the music fans out there, the rock singer will release Live From The Ryman & More, a collection of 27 songs from her albums, covers, and performances with special guests.

‘Everyday Is A Winding Road’

We miss the rock’n’roll vibes, don’t we? Sheryl Crow decided to put out her live pre-pandemic recordings for our satisfaction. Live From The Ryman & More is a gift to fans who missed gathering at concerts and chanting their favorite rock or pop songs along with their idols. Sheryl Crow has the type of songs that transcend generations. Who hasn’t cried over ‘Strong Enough’ after a broken relationship? Who hasn’t sang their heart out to ‘Leaving Las Vegas?’ Who had the best road trip of their life while ‘Soak Up The Sun?’ The singer-songwriter left behind a legacy of songs about the ups and downs of life because ‘Everyday Is A Winding Road.‘

Women Rock!

Sheryl Crow shows that rock is still alive! Women are incredible musicians and it’s not a surprise that she teams up with country-folk legend Emmy-Lou Harris, rock goddess Stevie Nicks and contemporaries like Maren Morris. Alongside the record release, Sheryl Crow will perform on Good Morning America on August 13th. We also had the chance to experience her wonderful duet with contestant Graham De Franco on American Idol last weekend. ‘If It Makes You Happy,’ same here. Lionel Richie and Katy Perry obviously approved! You’ll also be able to see the power of her live shows on Sheryl Crow: The Songs And The Stories – A Live Solo Performance on June 19th.

Hurry up and get your tickets here for lots of surprises!

The videos we included tempted you? Spread the love for rock, blues, and folk ballads. Preorder on iTunes here. What do you miss the most about live shows? Share it with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

Do you need more guitar-centred songs on your playlist? We got you covered!


Featured image source: Valory MUSIC Co.

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