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The Academic Sends Some Advice To The Kids

The Academic Sends Some Advice To The Kids

Irish indie-pop gang The Academic is back! They begged us to be mature on their latest EP, Acting My Age, and they are now sending their advice to the children out there. ‘Kids (Don’t End Up Like Me)’ gives a refreshing taste of what’s coming up for the band this summer.

‘Teenage Kicks’

What is the best thing that happened in your teenage years? Are you reminding yourself of the bad times? The teen years aren’t always easy, as most of us would say. Spilling the tea, The Academic penned some genuine piece of shiny guitar pop. They explored the production techniques on their own after spending some time with ex-Kaiser Chiefs drummer Nick Hodgson for their record, Anything Could Happen, last yearThe experience was definitely worth it and showed in this song!

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Let’s Dance!

Their sound is bolder than before, tickling our ears with sweet riffs. We aren’t over the retro synth-pop that is kind of a trademark for them. Who remembers their album Tales From The Backseat and its The Cure-infused ambiance? The Irish band evolved, glowing more and more with their dancing rock vibes. If you dig our latest piece on Slenderbodies, you’ll love the electronic spikes that are perfectly mixed to the drum pace.

The Academic Kids (Don't End Up Like Me)
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It’s written about the fear of not getting out of your hometown and amounting to anything. Thanks to the lockdown, I had plenty of time on my hands but nothing to write about, so I started looking through all my old notebooks and found this song fully written. I had a gut feeling that it might come to life now with a few more years of living behind me since it was originally written.

Singer Craig Fitzgerald from The Academic explains about the creation of ‘Kids (Don’t End Up like Me)
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Release The Pressure

How do you spend your free time after school? Some of us may have done the weirdest things, but the bright sides always giving us a sign. Life as a teenager is hard, and we want to impress our entourage. It’s a struggle to find our true selves. The Academic show on their ‘Kids (Don’t End Up like Me)’ video and their lyrics sheet that being stuck in our problems isn’t the solution. The visuals see the band members stranded in washing and vending machines, convenience store fridges, and more.

The Academic metaphorically says that we should open up when something is wrong or when we don’t feel comfortable. There is always someone around who can give us some advice. Don’t try pushing too hard on the pressure you live under, and listen to people’s life tips, and it’ll get better. Speaking of which, we suggest you buy or stream the track here!

You can also watch the music video for ‘Kids (Don’t End Up Like Me)’ below!

Now, what did you think about that music video? What is the best advice you received in your life? Do you want to share some of them with us? Tweet us @TheHoneyPop or write us on Facebook or Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Rich Gilligan

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