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5 Songs By Sarah Close You NEED In Your Playlist!

5 Songs By Sarah Close You NEED In Your Playlist!

Sarah Close

Is your playlist in need of some more talented and independent female artists? Well, here at The Honey POP, we have the perfect artist for you to check out – Sarah Close!

Sarah Close is a 26-year-old singer/songwriter based around London, UK, and the Isle Of Wight. She began her music career by posting covers to YouTube and, as it grew, began to release her original songs. Sarah’s first EP was released in 2017, and ever since, she has been creating beautiful music that we believe the world needs to hear! She also started her own record label, The Kodiak Club, and has been writing under her label since 2018. A creative musician and a woman who wants to help others chase their dreams, what’s not to love?!

Image Source: @sarahclose on Twitter


The track ‘Cool’ talks about society and how people change who they are to fit in. In this fun song, Sarah talks about how she has experienced being asked to alter herself to fit society’s box but did not go through with it. In this empowering and bubbly song, it is really inspiring to see an upcoming music artist talk about their feelings on a topic that seems taboo in music but so relevant in today’s world. This beautiful song is one everyone should hear and fall in love with.

‘Crazy Kind’

This track is an upbeat love song that talks about the erratic adventures you have with someone you love. From traveling the world to not wanting to miss a second by their side, it absolutely shows how much Sarah loves the person she is writing about. The energetic song has lyrics that perfectly describe how you fall in love with every part of someone, and the tracking behind it somehow feels like it does when you are in love – unpredictable and lively. This track is fun and vibrant and is one of the best songs to listen to during summer!


‘Stay’ is from Sarah’s latest mini-album, And Now, We’re Shining, and is a soft song written about the feeling of breaking up with the one you love and are not ready to lose. In her lyrics, she talks about knowing it’s over but not wanting to give up. She captures this perfectly within the song. With lyrics like “Don’t say what you’re gonna say, throw away the chance of better days,” this song has a feeling of desperation that is heart aching but so relatable that it makes you want to listen to it forever, which it is utterly brilliant. This ballad is so beautiful musically and lyrically that it needs to be a part of your playlist!

‘Call Me Out’

This song is an older song from Sarah and comes from her fantastic first EP named Caught Up. It is a song where she portrays a twisted kind of love. Her lyrics make it seem as if she and the person are falling in love but imply he pulls away if things get too serious. The slow and melodic track makes this song enticing, unique, and, We guarantee, unlike any song you’ve heard. It also really shows off how unreal her vocals genuinely are! The video for this one is also super relaxing to watch, so you should definitely check that out too!


‘london’ is a gentle song written about Sarah feeling conflicted about one of her favorite cities. She talks a lot about her childhood home, making it seem as if Sarah may be homesick living so far away. The lyrics within this song shows how lost Sarah feels as, throughout the track, it seems she’s battling whether she’s completely fallen out of love or if it’s just a temporary feeling. Something I’m sure we’ve all felt at least once in our lives. This track is a piano ballad and is super comforting to listen to. And with the song sounding as if it was recorded in one take, it gives it a much more intimate and personal feel. ‘london’ is perfect if you prefer a more slow and calming sound.

Overall, we don’t think Sarah Close is yet to release a song that you won’t enjoy. All of the songs on her EPs are lyrically beautiful and so diverse that there is something for everyone. Sarah is an incredible artist, and we cannot wait to see more from her in the future!

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Feature Image: Sarah Close via Instagram

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