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5 Songs By Taylor Swift That Deserved To Be Singles

5 Songs By Taylor Swift That Deserved To Be Singles


Who are we kidding? Every Taylor Swift song is unique in its own way! She writes the best break-up songs, fling songs, and love songs! And without a doubt, all of us can agree that in some way or the other, they have connected to us. She just happens to write our feelings and that is what makes Taylor Swift the star of every event, show, and song. Here we have five songs from Taylor Swift albums that deserved to be singles!

‘Cruel Summer’

Now, let us face it, this is Taylor’s best fling song! We agree that there are ones that will give us all instant goosebumps but this song takes our feelings to the next level, and if you ever had a summer fling and it went terribly wrong somewhere, this song is for you.

You know we can say that most of us have the tendency to get attracted to the “bad boys,” which happens for no apparent reason. It’s just the stuff that they do that we all find attractive and this song is all about it! You will know it is a perfect Taylor Swift song when you listen to the lyrics, “Devils roll the dice, angels roll their eyes. What doesn’t kill me makes me want you more.” And as much as you will love how she writes about the lust she has for him, you will love how she presented the breakup. All throughout, her magic beans grow into a lyrically wonderful song at the end!

‘New Romantics’

Now, this is the song you are looking for when you need inspiration. The lyrics of this amazing song are everything and what makes it even more special is its catchy tune. Taylor must have been on a roll when she was composing and writing this masterpiece.

Listen to this on your headphones, with full volume, and you can’t utter a bad word about ‘New Romantics.’ The live music video for this song is for sure going to make you a fan of Taylor’s. Her grace and power are all binned into one song. And honestly, this song makes 1989 even more special! What this track possesses is nothing but the truth and everyone needs to hear it at some point in their life! Taylor makes it happen for us with just a click and this is one of the reasons why we are blessed to have her.

‘Long Live’

When you are so deep in love and you can’t see anything else but an amazing future with your partner, play this song. ‘Long Live’ will make any person want to fall in love and dedicate this song to their other half. It’s a perfect modern fairytale.

Just give it a try and slow dance with your love to this song. We can say that this is the only song of Taylor’s that has such love and remembrance, it should be given so much more credit than what it has now. Taylor brings the elegance of love and nothing is more divine than that. The Speak Now era works in a very delicate and honest manner and this wonder is proof of that.

‘How You Get The Girl’

We all know that Taylor is right about everything when it comes to something relating to love. And she is right about this too! ‘How You Get The Girl’ is a track from her most famous album, 1989, and it mentions the tips and the tales, the drama and the love a person has to go through to get back the woman he loves that he had let go by his faults.

She specifies the ways in which you would win her back. For instance, she begins with the idea of the boy waiting for the girl at her doorstep, and in the rain! It is understood from 1989 to now in 2021 that rain is possibly the most romantic feature of the perfect makeup, and it always works well. Why should this song be a single? It’s purely addictive and makes you go, “Would my ex listen to this and come back to me?” and the tune is so catchy you will be humming it all day long!


You would land at ‘betty’ if you are a lover of soft songs and this sound takes us back to Taylor’s first days in the industry. With lighter music that makes your morning even more beautiful, it gives you the best feeling about yourself, making you feel just like we imagine Taylor Swift would feel.

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It is one of the best songs of the album folklore and you would never want to take it off your playlist once it’s on it. The most touching line from this soother is, “Betty, one time I was riding on my skateboard when I passed your house. It’s like I couldn’t breathe.” A pure black and white romance of two seventeen-year-olds are what ties this amazing track. A true high school love story.

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