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Fable Has Released Her New Single ‘Womb’ & You Need To Check This Song Out!

Fable Has Released Her New Single ‘Womb’ & You Need To Check This Song Out!

The Devon-born singer Fable has released her single ‘Womb’ and we are totally in awe! Unlike many songs of the new age, ‘Womb’ has a “fable” in its lyrics and the music video.

A story through the lyrics

Written by Holly Cosgrove and Jonas Persson, the song dives deep into a human’s way of living. In the chaotic world that we live in today, knowing yourself is the biggest achievement. ‘Womb’ helps us realise that very effortlessly and these lyrics are proof.

"I asked myself,
Who are you?
She got up and left the room.
That's the truth 
That's the truth."

Everyday, we “get up, go to work, get it done” and the cycle keeps repeating. Highlighting this, ‘Circles’ can be heard repeatedly in the background. Along with the musical pleasure, ‘Womb’ is one such song that has a whole lot of things to teach us and now that’s a reason why you gotta listen to this song. (We can only list a few things after all 👀✋.)

It is needless to say that Fable’s voice just cuts through our hearts and makes the lyrics so special and with such remarkable simplicity. Well besties, we gotta face some of our fears at some point, right? ‘Womb’ helps us do just that. What does it mean to Fable though? Talking about it, she explains that it’s about the waves of constant change we all go through, especially women.

“The seasons of the body are often not acknowledged in the structure of our lives, or respected by society.”

Fable about ‘Womb’

The music video speaks

The Matt Hutchings directed video sees Fable and dancer Severina Simone perform a beautifully choreographed dance that reflects this message, with Fable eventually bursting into flame and being reborn from the ashes. The video takes us through quite a journey. Starting from surrounded by ashes, Fable goes on to dance and in our perspective, she’s dancing to the music of life. Finally, we see her burst into ashes, describing the same process of phoenix-like living.

I wanted the video to reflect the cycles that we all go through, but particularly the female experience. The images running through the video show this through a dance between two women, and the cyclical, phoenix-like rebirth through fire a female will experience each month. The steady rhythm of change is something we all as humans experience; the only constants are flux and change.”

Fable explaining her vision behind the MV

Last but not the least, ‘Womb’ teaches us to keep carrying on and, if the end comes close we may turn into ashes but a new door always opens, a new phoenix is always born. Tell us what you think about ‘Womb’ on our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP. You can also hit us up on our Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Fable via Instagram

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