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Halsey Is Being Cryptic And We Want To Know Why!

Halsey Is Being Cryptic And We Want To Know Why!


Halsey isn’t new to leaving clues for their fans to find before the announcement of something. With the release of her older albums Badlands and Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, Halsey is being cryptic and leaving us on our toes with many mysterious clues hinting at what’s around the corner. It seems as though they are back at it as in the past few days, clues have been showing up which indicates that something could be happening very soon.

It all started when Halsey posted a website back in August 2020 for the fifth anniversary of their album Badlands. The site contained a goodbye note with a link to, at the time, a blank website with nothing but the letters ‘LXXXXP.’ She then added this website link to her bio & fans theorized that this could imply that Halsey’s fourth album could be with us soon. For months nothing came about on the site, until now! A few days ago, fans began to notice that the website attached to Halsey’s bio was now active, yet we’re all still none of the wiser as to what it means.

The Website

The link takes you to a site where it asks you to put in your email, which to us pretty much confirms we’ll be contacted about whatever this is when the time comes. It then shows you a coin that you need to flip four times. You will then either get a quote or a link to a cryptic Instagram account. The quotes either appear as “All of this is TEMPORARY” or “why do you need LOVE SO BADLY?” depending on which side of the coin you flip.

Image Source: @popcrave on Twitter

One fan suggested that there was a reasoning behind certain words in these phrases being bold and it really makes sense!

With us so far? It’s a lot, we know but it wouldn’t be as fun if the clues were simple to solve would it? A lot of fans also had theories about the coin and what this could represent. And we’re here for all of the amazing ideas and theories the fan base has come up with!

We are fully convinced Halsey fans are some sort of detectives at this point!

The Mysterious Instagram

Now, enough about the coin, onto the cryptic Instagram. The website also guided fans to an Instagram account that has the username ‘IICHLIWP’. Some think that this could be an acronym for the album title. At the time, it was private but showed that there were six posts, two followers, and was only following one account. Fans were quick to think this may be the date that whatever this account is teasing, is going to be released. Halsey is being cryptic and it makes us feel alive!

The account became public a day later, with the only thing changing being the number of followers it has. It then also revealed the six images that were already posted before they were able to be viewed publicly.

Halsey Secret instagram
Image Source: Screenshot of the @iichliwp Instagram Page

As you can see, they all follow a more gothic/dark style which got people thinking this may be a hint to a possible second, darker-themed poetry book. Although, most fans believe that this is a hint that Halsey will be releasing a more punk or rock album next.

The assumptions didn’t end there as many of the fan bases believe that it’s hinting that we may be revisiting the land Halsey created for their second debut album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. Within all of this chaos, the Twitter accounts Halsey used to give out clues during the HFK area have all changed their layouts, which hints that maybe it is related somehow.

With that being said, Halsey released a letter at the end of the HFK era. It includes a small design on the page that looks a lot like LP entwined, similar to the logo on the coin. The writing on the letter also implies the story is not yet over, which fans have interpreted to mean that we may be revisiting the story soon. A darker sister album to Hopeless Fountain Kingdom? We really hope that’s the case!

At the moment, this is all we know but we cannot wait to see if these fan concepts are correct and to finally know what Halsey has up their sleeve. Whether it’s a new poetry book, a new line in her new makeup range, or new music, we are so excited to find out more. One thing we know for sure is that there’s nothing more exciting than when Halsey drops clues that suggest a big announcement is coming!

What are your thoughts on everything mentioned in this article? Do you have any theories? Let us know on our Twitter or Instagram!

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Featured Image Credit: Brian Ziff

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