QUIZ: What Song From YUNGBLUD’s weird! Should You Claim?

QUIZ: What Song From YUNGBLUD’s weird! Should You Claim?

Last December, YUNGBLUD, AKA Dominic Harrison, released his long-awaited second album named weird!. The album includes songs that either make you want to get up and dance or give him a hug! It came with huge success, hitting number one on the UK album charts alongside being the third biggest selling cassette tape in 2020. He has gained over five million views for the single ‘strawberry lipstick’ music video and almost seven million for the song ‘acting like that,’ which is the only collaboration on the album with MGK.

Watch YUNGBLUD’s ‘acting like that’ Video Here!

This album is full of meaningful and passionate messages which have resonated with so many fans of his, while also being the reason he’s gained so many since. He’s had almost one million new followers since the release! Fans all over the world have been loving this album by sharing makeup looks and covers inspired by the songs. It’s clear to us that this album means something different to everyone. But we all have one thing in common, in this 13 track album, it’s extremely hard to choose a favorite song when they all have such a unique sound!

Since the release of weird!, Dom has also spoken out about a lot of the topics touched upon within the lyrics. He stated mars‘ was written about a transgender girl’s story and how the song it’s quiet in beverly hills was written when he going through a tough time when he lived in the US. As you can see, this album was a lot more than just music to him. It was a way to make his fans feel valid no matter what they are going through, just like him.

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Take our quiz!

Ever wanted to know which song you should claim from YUNGBLUD’s album, weird!? Well look no further, we have the quiz just for you!

So which YUNGBLUD song did you get? We wanna know! Make sure to let us know in the comments, or pop over to our social media, by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook or Instagram!

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