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The Jonas Brothers And Marshmello Have Us Love-Stoned With Their New Song

The Jonas Brothers And Marshmello Have Us Love-Stoned With Their New Song


Who needs drugs when you have Marshmello and the Jonas Brothers dropping their latest song ‘Leave Before You Love Me?’ Take our word for it, it’s all the love-dose you need this summer.

The song, a sweet, delicate ballad with an old-school groove, is likely to make you shed a tear with a sad smile. In short, it’s just that song that narrates the story we can never grow tired of – that of our broken hearts which are too scared to fall in love again; and so we leave before they leave us. Who else is calling dibs on classic clichés? Because we stan hopeless romantics in this hive!

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We Are Loving It, And We Are Not Leaving It

‘Leave Before You Love Me’ starts with the plush vocals of Nick Jonas, and it gives you the feel of a forgotten comfort song that you listen to in front of a fireplace with an old diary. The pre-chorus is what has our hearts, where the brothers harmonize the most beautiful of lyrics, and the Marshmello touch is the thing that doesn’t let it get too somber. All four of them manage to break our hearts a little and tease us with that sweet-agony dripping kind of music that they’ve aced. There’s passion, pain, and a reluctant love, falling left, right and center. Can you blame us if we have it on repeat ever since it dropped?!

Dancing on the edge, about to take it too far/ It’s messing with my head, how I mess with your heart / If you wake up in your bed, alone in the dark / I’m sorry, gotta leave before you love me

Don’t tell us that your heart didn’t just double over at those pre-chorus lyrics, there’s only so much we can handle! Listen to ‘Leave Before You Love Me’ right here. Pro tip: Listen with a tissue box at hand.

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We love that although the song majorly reflects heartbreak, fear, and loneliness, it’s still a fresh, catchy song with a subtle, underlying cheerful hook, that you can’t help but hum all day. We give all the credit to this formidable collaboration – Marshmello and the Jonas Brothers, making music that we can’t get enough of. The brothers’ vocals are as on point as ever, with a pleasant blend and an easy-go tint. It’s soul-soothing and it’s heart-clenching, but hey, who’s complaining?

And do we even need to get started on Marshmello? Because the evergreen rhythms of ‘Happier,’ ‘Silence,’ and ‘Friends’ continue to live rent-free in our minds, and we still have enough space to squeeze this latest tune in.

The Jonas Brothers Are On A Roll

‘Leave Before You Love Me,’ has arrived just in time as the Jonas Brothers announced their Remember This summer tour, that is all set to get going from August 20th, this year, in Las Vegas, NV, and we have been told that our country music queen, Kelsea Ballerini will be joining them. We know what you’re thinking, and we have your answer – It’s May 27th! Tickets go on sale on May 27th, be sure to grab yours, right here.

Find out all you need to know about the Remember This tour here. Need more juice on the Jonas Brothers? Well, you’re in luck because we’re taking requests! They’re on the move, and we can’t be any more excited.

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Marshmello Is Booked, All-Season

On the other side of the page, Marshmello has enough on his plate too, as he releases Welcome to the Melloverse, his maiden NFT project and the first DiFi powered NFT drop, holding exclusive music and experiences. 

He is also scheduled to headline UEFA Champions League final opening ceremony this year, on Saturday, May 29th, where we’re holding our breath for an epic virtual performance, kicking off one of the grandest and biggest live sporting events. His last song ‘Be Kind’ in collaboration with Halsey, had us dancing like no one’s looking and we’re sure Marshmello is not going to stop having this effect anytime soon. As if this wasn’t enough, his next dance album will be dropping later this year too, and we just, can’t, keep, calm!

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The Jonas Brothers and Marshmello started the season with their soul-satiating melody, so if you’re in the mood for a sweet-and-sour love song, take a listen to this hit! ‘Leave Before You Love Me’ stole our hearts, then broke it, and it’s so good, that we let it.

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