The Jonas Brothers And Marshmello’s New Music Video Is Messing With Our Hearts!

The Jonas Brothers And Marshmello’s New Music Video Is Messing With Our Hearts!

The official music video for Marshmello and the Jonas Brothers‘ latest song, ‘Leave Before You Love Me,’ is out now, and we can’t decide whether to bawl our eyes out or dance our hearts out to it. And that’s saying it all!

The video opens with the dapper Nick Jonas playing the perfect insecure lover in a dimly lit subway, and the very first two lines that he sings are enough to curl our toes –“I see you calling / I didn’t wanna leave you like that.”

All the single ladies, feel like falling in love again? Because we sure do!

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Marshmello And The Jonas Brothers Bring Back The ’80s Feel!

Throughout the video, we see small, pricking moments, as simple as packing a suitcase or leaving a goodbye note with a scribbled apology, and we’re telling you, that’s just the signature way of the Jonas Brothers and Marshmello crawling into our hearts! Towards the end of the video, we see them jamming to an intimate rooftop gig amidst houses and the tranquil backdrop of the night; and our opinion? We live for this kind of visual.

We swear that you can’t leave after listening to it just once, and for those of you with trust issues, take a look for yourself right here:

This song is the new rhythm to our hearts, hitting us with bittersweet nostalgia on a different level altogether. For all the times we might have spent Valentine’s by ourselves, missing our long-lost love, or when we drove out of the city alone, or when we opened our drawers to an old photograph- this song is that inexpressible feeling sewn into melody. And what a melody! 

It’s painful. It’s beautiful. It’s happiness that hurts. Now, if you don’t believe us, we know someone you can. And it’s our all-time personal favorite Zayn Malik, who dropped a smashing cover of the song hours ago, clearly saying we’re not the only ones head over heels with ‘Leave Before You Love Me’:

Marshmello And The Brothers Put On A Show You Can’t Miss!

The group also delivered an absolute stellar closing performance at the Billboard Music Awards 2021, with a unique medley, including their latest song. The Jonas Brothers even teased their upcoming single, ‘Remember This.’ Watch it now because it totally left us “Dancing on the edge, ’bout to take it too far!” 

And yes, Billboard Music Awards, we completely agree! This was the perfect closing to such an amazing awards show.

Have you watched ‘Leave Before You Love Me’ yet? Share your thoughts on the song with us by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or hit us up on Facebook or Instagram!

Feeling nostalgic? We have just the song for you, right here!



Featured image source: Artwork via Danielle Gonzalez

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