The Wombats Mad Adventures Are Back!

The Wombats Mad Adventures Are Back!

They left their upbeat joyful sounds behind as The Wombats release a beautiful gem this week with ‘Method To The Madness,’ a genuine ballad. Surfing onto a melancholic road, it’s the pseudo-marsupials first material since 2018’s Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life (if we don’t count their various solo projects in between!)

Cross The New Path!

Recorded remotely in their respective homes, ‘Method To The Madness’ shows The Wombats’ delicate side. We’re far away from the buzzing energy from the first album A Guide To Love Loss And Desperation. Still, the band knows how to catch our attention with the smooth tempos and the sinking bass notes. Their story goes deeper, inspired by real-life experiences. The track is about the challenges we face and how they come and go. They teach us the best trick is to overcome them without any fear. Enjoy the ride and let go of the difficulties. While being nostalgic seeing The Wombats version 2.0 arisen, let’s enjoy a bit of their first classic!

Murph told me where the material of the song came from and I really related to his honesty. The story is about how the muse finds you on its watch, not on ours. It is up to you to step into that inspiration without fear. The world of the muse doesn’t make sense, but its beauty is irresistible. It is also scary though. You have to walk down dark hallways and challenge your fears, but when you do you develop a relationship with the muse. You see where it hides out and in turn, what inspires it!

‘Method To The Madness’ video director Aaron Brown shares about his work on The Wombats visuals.
Image source: courtesy of Grandstand Media PR

Inspire Yourself!

The Wombats keep that inspirational touch despite the contrast from their early sounds. With a soulful bridge, the fusion of rock and chilling vibes grows in a chaotic evolution of guitars to culminate with a Big Bang. If you are a fan of the Bleachers‘ intricate and deep songwriting skills, be ready to fall for Matthew Murphy’s letters to his fond memories. Wandering around the city like the woman in The Wombats video, he says “F*ck my sadness /And f*ck your role-play/ No construction/ I’ll build it my own way.” We can feel lost or trapped, but when we finally realize what’s best for us, we’ll be happy again. Watch ‘Method To The Madness’ below!

Stream or buy ‘Method To The Madness’ here.

This amazing track had a sweet source of comfort for us. What kind of effect did this song have on you? What are your overall feelings about the song? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Featured image source: Phil Smithies / Sarah Louise Bennett / Pete Novosel / Signe Luksengard

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