We Are Only Leaning On Cheat Codes And Tinashe!

We Are Only Leaning On Cheat Codes And Tinashe!

Our favorite collab, which has gotten everyone dancing around and jumping, feeling the upbeat and moody music, is keeping us fed with a brand new music video. We have been blessed with this masterpiece of a music video for ‘Lean On Me’ by Cheat Codes and Tinashe!

We would be lying if we said that ‘Lean On Me’ hasn´t been on a loop at THP HQ ever since its release. The song is so addictive, that if we aren´t listening to it, we are singing it to ourselves! Our roomies are a little bit mad at us, but at this point, even they can´t stop themselves from dancing when they hear us playing the banging song!

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The video shows us how friendships can help us in difficult situations and how our most dear friends can help us get through those sad moments and be happy. We can appreciate the message in the video so much, with Tinashe experiencing a breakup, and heading out with her and our besties Cheat Code. We see Tinashe rise up and shine, and we love to see it!

We Want To Be Friends With Cheat Codes and Tinashe

Just as the song is titled, this incredible collab is showing us the importance of knowing who we can lean on when things are not great, reminding us of the importance of friends who can take us to better places; friendships that allow us to be ourselves and enjoy every second of our day.

And The Fashionista Title Goes To: ‘Lean On’ MV!

We need to talk to the fashion director asap, cause oh my god! We need them to choose every outfit we wear from now on, please! The style in the video was so iconic that we are having our private THP investigators find every piece of clothes for our fashion fix! There´s no way we are leaving without having at least a pair of socks that they are using!

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We are so in love with the palette of colors the video uses! Making the perfect chemistry with sunny Los Angeles, the colors bring us a vibe and feeling of joy and excitement throughout the video. It’s just making us smile all the way! We know what we are watching when we need a mood booster!

This new era of Cheat Codes so far … WOW! We are so excited about everything that has been coming and we can´t wait to see more! What are your thoughts on the music video? Did you like it as much as we did? Tell us everything in the comments and don´t forget to buzz with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

Wanna feel happier? We’ve got the perfect remedy!



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