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We Can Be Lonely Together With Karin Ann

We Can Be Lonely Together With Karin Ann

Karin Ann

If you’ve spent even a minute on the internet at some point this year, you probably already know that Gen-Z artists are poised to take over the world. Just take a look at Olivia Rodrigo and everything she’s accomplished so far! You know that here at THP, we’re committed to bringing you the best of the best, so we think we’re a pretty credible authority when it comes to this stuff. That being said, we have a new up-and-coming artist for you to check out named Karin Ann, who is someone to keep your eye on! 

Karin Ann
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Karin Ann’s debut EP Lonely Together just dropped and honestly, it’s kinda hard to feel lonely when listening to an EP that manages to capture your feelings so darn well! We’ll get into our faves from this EP in a sec, but first, we wanna hype Karin up a little bit! 

So Who Is Karin Ann?

While she’s only 19, they’ve already amassed a solid 2 million views on Youtube! We don’t even remember what we were doing at 19, but we’re pretty sure it’s nowhere near as impressive as that. Karin grew up in conservative Slovakia, and as a result, their music tackles more serious topics of gender, sexuality, mental health, and body image. Issues like this transcend borders, so it’s always nice to get a realistic perspective from someone who might have a different background than you! Karin’s music may not be an escape from real-life issues, but it might help you tackle them a little bit better. If anything, just know you have someone to be Lonely Together with! 

Now That You Know The Who, Let’s Get Into The EP! 

Look, every single track on here is brilliant. It’s rhythmic and enchanting, full of electronic and synth beats and catchy hooks. It’s the type of earworm that plays on a loop in your head because it’s that good. Honestly, it kind of sounds like the type of music we’d put on while imagining ourselves in an angsty movie scene in a coming-of-age movie. You know what we mean, the head-against-the-window-staring-dramatically-into-the-rain type of scenarios we all come up with? No? Just us? Hmm, we highly doubt that but okay …

‘midnight calls’ 

We can’t get over the trance-like state this song puts us in. The hook of this song is insanely catchy, and Karin Ann’s voice compliments the music perfectly, repeating the words in an almost mechanical way that scratches our brains in the right spot. Not to mention, we’re pretty sure this song is relatable AF.


This song is possibly one of the most heartbreakingly relatable songs on the entire EP. We’re lowkey tearing up while writing about it. The song is hauntingly emotional, both in its sound and its lyrics. 

My eyes don’t seem to find the pretty that everyone else seems to see

The vocals seem hollow, like the way your thoughts about yourself and your insecurities might sound through a haze of emotions. The meaning of the song is translated perfectly through its production. Karin Ann tackles the realities of looking in the mirror and not loving the reflection staring back at you. Karin Ann, THP loves you, and we thank you for delivering this tragically relatable track to us.

‘i yearn for agony’

The dark, edgy tone of this song is everything. Considering its title, it’s a pretty fitting vibe. 

Needles in my heart 
Stick pins in my head 
I like to fantasize about my own death 
I never really, really thought about it 
But I yearn, yearn for agony

Is it dark? Yes. But if we’re honest, Karin Ann probably isn’t alone in having felt like this before. It’s a difficult feeling to grapple with, but it’s the reality for so many people, and it’s strangely comforting to hear it laid out in a song like this. (If you are experiencing these feelings, don’t be afraid to reach out to someone)

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We know if we keep going, we’ll just end up throwing the whole EP at you, which is kind of the goal tbh, but we also think you should check it out for yourself. You can do that here. In fact, we encourage it. 

Do you know what else we encourage? Social media interaction! We love chatting about our faves, and our Twitter feels kinda lonely, so if you’re also feeling lonely, let’s be lonely together! We can hype up Karin Ann over @thehoneypop together! 

You can check out more artists like Karin Ann by popping into our music section! We cover all your faves and we want to introduce you to some new ones! (Hopefully!)


Featured Image Source: Karin Ann via Facebook

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