Not Stalkers, But We Can’t Stop Watching Waterparks’ ‘Violet!’

Not Stalkers, But We Can’t Stop Watching Waterparks’ ‘Violet!’

After the recent release of their new album Greatest Hits, the guys from Waterparks don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The Houston trio has just dropped the new video for the latest single, ‘Violet!‘ and we love it!

The track itself is lively and playful, one of the more upbeat from their new album. The music is vibrant, and Awsten’s vocals compliment it incredibly well. That’s without mentioning that the lyrics are so catchy that they’ll be in your head for the rest of the day, which of course, we’re definitely not mad about!

Image Source: @waterparks on Twitter

The video is from Waterparks, so obviously, it’s a lot of fun. The video uses Waterparks’ song’s lyric, “No I’m not a stalker but I watch you while you’re walkin’,” literally as it features a giant eye that appears throughout the video, watching the guys.

Like many Waterparks videos, this video is unpredictable and shows the guys in bizarre yet amusing situations. For example, the band’s drummer Otto Wood is seen going to the bathroom and proceeding to drum on the toilet rolls! Something unexpected but entertaining. It doesn’t stop there as the video goes on to show each member of the trio in their own weird and eccentric situations! We can’t seem to stop watching this captivating video!

Watch Waterparks’ New Video Here!

The band’s lead singer has also been busy aside from music. He recently debuted his digital cover for VMAN magazine. Awsten is shown in 3 different covers in vibrant colors and his show-stopping rainbow hair perfectly. He is dressed magnificently, wearing a variety of looks and styles. You can check them all out and read through his article here.

Awsten Knight
Image Source: Domen & Van De Velde for VMAN magazine

Waterparks have also announced tour dates in the UK this fall alongside performing at SlamDunk. They also have a huge UK tour next summer so don’t miss out! You can check out all the dates and tickets here!

What are your opinions on the video? We’d love to know! Let us know on our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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Featured Image: Official Album Artwork

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