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Picture This’Life In Colour is coming our way!

Picture This’Life In Colour is coming our way!

It’s coming! The fan album of Picture This is releasing on the 25th of June this year and all the tracks of this album, Life In Colour, sound so amazing that they will pass your playlist test without any doubt. Speaking about this album, the band commented, “Our fans have been amazingly patient with us over the last two years and allowed us to get a body of work together that we feel is worth the wait for them.” They showed their gratitude and appreciated their fans’ patience in waiting for more music from the band.

“And we’re excited for them all to get their hands on it! We will be back with even more music a lot sooner than you would think too!” And this Irish band is not here to disappoint. They have won the hearts of millions of people all around the world and are gaining their popularity to the next levels day to day with their addictive new music!

If you want to save that masterpiece for yourself, Pre-order/Pre-save Life In Colour here.

Life In Colour Tracklist:
‘Life In Colour’
‘LA House Party’
‘Addict Of Magic’
‘Winona Ryder’
‘Die For You’
‘Things Are Different’
‘Can You Feel It’
‘If Ever However Whenever Forever’
‘I Don’t Feel The Same Way Anymore’
‘Lucky I Was Loved’

The beginning of this delight!

What if you write a song with your friend and you record it over your iPhone? Most of you have done that. Let’s just say we all have done that once at least in this lifetime. What happens if you decide to post it on YouTube because you think it is too good? Well, we all just delete the track after realizing how stupid our voice sounds from an electronic box, but we don’t think so anyone would say anything of such sorts to Ryan Hennessy. His voice is the most divine thing one could hear! And therefore, he is the vocals for this Irish boy band!

Trust us, these four boys are out to rule the world! We have Ryan Hennessy for vocals, but what about the other members? They are so talented that they would take your breath away! We have Jimmy Rainsford on the drums, Owen Cardiff playing the most romantic instrument, guitar (we are all sure that he can not only win a girl over his talent with it but also make a party the most rocking event), and Cliff Deane, on one of our favourites of music instruments, the bass! They compliment each other so well that they deserve to be where they are and where they are going to be!

The recording of the song ‘Take My Hand’ hit the hearts of millions of people. To be more precise, 4 million people across all platforms! Their one song took them to their first concert which was held at the Grand Social venue in Dublin. Could you guess the duration of their ticket sales for this event? It’s just 30 minutes! They were already on their way to rule the music industry and they were planning to do it with all their expertise.

But we all had a fall last year, didn’t we? The pandemic took the band by storm when after the concert in Dublin, there was an immediate lockdown that made the band struggle. But with no doubt, they rose and now are standing in front of us all with a fan album to offer, Life In Colour is here to win us and steal fans’ hearts!

Image Source: Let’s Get It Records/ Republic Records

They dreamt of the world being theirs

They took off with amazing music and continue to keep up to our expectations! In the interview with the BUILT series, Ryan opened up about how he used to make or compose songs before they knocked on the doors of stardom. We could see the passion in what they believed in. He said that it was him and acoustic guitar that made the melodies, then he would voice mail it to Jimmy, the master of this band’s drumming, over WhatsApp! Jimmy used to review the music and the tunes and tell Ryan if it was good or not. This is so unique, everyone who tried making music could connect with this! In the same interview, Jimmy mentions that he was nervous backstage and even says that being the drummer makes him work harder as he cannot go wrong anywhere and when he gets on stage it becomes only the band and the fans. Throughout this talk, both Ryan and Jimmy mention several times their love for their fans and how much they appreciate the attention and the appreciation they have received since they have started. Now that is the gratitude that holds the band together and even holds the fans close to the band’s heart and soul!

And they are proving it to be true with their new and amazing tracks seem to be increasing their fan base massively too! The guys also performed the song on The Late Show with James Corden. Plus, they sat down with Corden to chat about their new partnership with Joe Jonas and he recently announced Let’s Get It Records! Now, wouldn’t that be a success? Of course! The music like ‘Toothbrush’ from Joe Jones and ‘If Ever However Whenever Forever’ from the four Irish boys would make the music industry’s best music!

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An October UK tour and more!

To promote their new album Life In Colour, the band is off to take a tour of the Queen’s land, the UK! Amazing the fans around the world, they are reaching to the fans of different countries one by one! First, the United States of America and now the United Kingdom! The tour will be kicking off on October 6th in Nottingham at Rescue Rooms and concluding on October 15 in Manchester at Manchester Academy.

There is another way to meet the band, kind of easy quick access to them if you are in the UK. Fans who pre-order Life In Colour will have access to ticket pre-sale, so go ahead and order this precious album right now! You wouldn’t want to miss such a great opportunity. They are the next biggest boyband looks like and if you want to give up on that, you must be doing the greatest sacrifice!

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UK tour dates for the Life in Colour Tour:

  • 06/10 Nottingham, UK Rescue Rooms
  • 07/10 Newcastle upon Tyne, UK The Boiler Shop
  • 08/10 Sheffield, UK The Leadmill
  • 10/10 Bristol, UK O2 Academy Bristol
  • 11/10 Birmingham, UK O2 Academy 2
  • 12/10 Brighton, UK Concorde 2
  • 14/10 London, UK O2 Academy Brixton
  • 15/10 Manchester, UK Manchester Academy
Image Source: Picture This via Instagram

Songs from Picture This that would blow your mind!

Starting with one of their best melodies, we have ‘Unconditional’ which will make you want to go out and find the love of your life right away! It is such a soul soother that it would fit your morning playlist perfectly and if you are already in love, dedicate this to your partner and see them smile and adore over how much you love them! ‘LA Party House’ is another marvelous song from this album and it teaches us to never judge a book by its cover. You might be thinking that this is a party song, but the lyrics of the song suggest something else. Ever felt left out when your friends left you all alone an have gone to enjoy a party? Put on your headphones and listen to this amazing track and tick off feeling self-loved and valued. Individuality is what you will feel when you listen to ‘LA Party House’. There are many other songs such as ‘Winona Ryder’ and ‘Things are Different’. Why won’t you try it yourself and see how talented these boys from the land of lucky charms are!

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Feature Image Source: Katia Temkin

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