We Are Becoming JoJo’s ‘Creature of Habit’

We Are Becoming JoJo’s ‘Creature of Habit’

JoJo, our goddess, has come back to bring us a piece of heaven. How lucky are we? We are starting to get sneak peeks of what the talented songwriter and singer is preparing for her new era, and we know everything is gonna take us to cloud 9.

After her awaited return with her album good to know, JoJo came ready to take over the world and conquered each and every one of our hearts with her melodic and angelical voice. And now, she has taken us all over with her latest release ‘Creature of Habit!’

We Have The Theory That JoJo Is a Goddess On Earth!

The vocally extravagant and glorious song was another level of mind-blowing! This song was perfectly made by angels! We were totally singing this track to our dearest friend in the mirror while we created scenarios to feel relatable with the song! We are in love and obsessed with it!

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‘Creature of Habit’ is an incredible track that talks about the addiction of being in a relationship, that maybe we aren’t happy there, but we don’t want to leave. Making us comfortable in a relationship, making a habit for us to stick with them.

Oh my god! We can’t believe what our ears just listened to. The melody of the piano with JoJo‘s voice made us feel like we were flying next to her voice! And please let’s talk about those high notes! Girl! She truly deserves her crown cause there’s no way on Earth someone can sing so good! She even got us to have some goosebumps! This is how the heavens sound and we don’t want to ever stop listening to it!

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We know we all want more music from our queen JoJo, but we are completely sure that awesome things are coming, so get yourself ready! There’s no way we are going to survive what she is preparing! But in the meanwhile, we are gonna keep streaming her latest album!

What are your thoughts on JoJo‘s new song? Are you as obsessed as us? Tell us everything in the comments! Also, don’t forget to buzz with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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