Everything We Know About Red Velvet JOY’s Solo Album!

Everything We Know About Red Velvet JOY’s Solo Album!

We all need a little joy in our lives, and Red Velvet‘s JOY is here to deliver. Vitamin voice JOY is releasing her first solo album, Hello, on May 31 at 6 pm KST! The album will feature six songs filled with signature JOY charms. Each song is a remake of a 1990s or 2000s classic with a JOY twist. After almost seven years since her debut in Red Velvet, we are bursting with excitement for JOY’s solo album!

‘Je T’aime’ and Other Remakes

With the release of ‘Je T’aime,’ a remake of the Hey song, we got a sneak peek of the mood of the album. In a refreshingly retro take, JOY sings ‘Je T’aime’ with honey-like warmth that transports us back in time. While listening to ‘Je T’aime,’ we can’t help but tap our feet and snap our fingers and imagine ourselves twirling through a vintage street.

Also included in JOY’s solo album is a B-side track called ‘Happy Birthday To You,’ originally recorded by Kwon Jin Won. JOY’s version is an acoustic remake that’s fresh but familiar. The song is promised to bring excitement and happiness to listeners with JOY’s vitamin vocals.

joy hello
Image Source: SM Entertainment

The ~Vibes~

In teasers and promo released in preparation for the album, JOY’s take on the six songs has been described as bright, refreshing, and heartwarming. By remaking classic songs, JOY is taking us on a journey through the years, making the songs more accessible to a new generation. This album will be a mosaic of classic songs that have made JOY into the artist she is today.

joy solo
Image Source: SM Entertainment

Judging by ‘Je T’aime,’ Hello is going to be an album full of comfort and retro joy meeting modern sounds. On Red Velvet’s YouTube channel, we got a taste of the making of the album with the Hello! JOY Prologue on May 25.

The other tracks include the title track ‘Hello,’ as well as ‘Day By Day,’ ‘If Only,’ and ‘Be There For You.’

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Featured Image Source: SM Entertainment

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