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Friends: The One We Won’t Forget!

Friends: The One We Won’t Forget!

How’s everyone doing? Have you’ve been crying since you saw Friends: The Reunion like us? We may seem like we are fine, but our hearts are so happy to finally see our favorite six friends back together where it all started. The reunion was truly magical, and more than we thought, but we have some memorable moments that stole our hearts!

Warning: Spoiler Alert! We don’t want to ruin the experience!

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The One Where We All Cried!

It’d be a lie if we said we didn’t expect to be crying from the moment the special gathering started. We couldn’t believe that after 17 years we were watching them together again! The way they all started arriving at the set and looking at each other’s faces truly moved something inside us! Since the moment David Schwimmer stepped onto the set, our hearts jumped out of us.

And then, seeing Lisa, Jennifer, Courtney, Matt, and Mathew joining him, we simply couldn’t believe it. Seeing how happy they were together on that special set was pure magic. Making us feel right at home and laughing until it brought us to tears.

The One With All The Confessions

We didn’t see those confessions coming! We all knew there were some secrets between the team behind our favorite show, but we weren’t ready to be hit by that truck! First of all, Ross and Rachel were real! We couldn’t process that Jennifer Aniston confessed that there was some chemistry between her and David in season one, which made the relationship between our favorite fashionista waitress and our favorite paleontologist more true than was scripted! They confessed to us that the first kiss on screen was indeed the first kiss between them and that all the love they had for each other was put on television! How sweet! We support Rachel and Ross 4 evah!

Another confession that, instead of crying, made all of us laugh a lot was the secret that got Matt LeBlanc the role of Joey. The producers told us that casting Joey was challenging, but they knew there was something special in him when they saw Matt. And after his call back, they knew he was unique. The actor of our favorite casanova came to the callback with a broken nose, explaining that he broke it falling and hitting his nose on the toilet. We were laughing until tears streamed from our eyes after finding out that is one of the reasons he was cast!

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The One With The Lightning Round

One of our favorite parts of the special, Friends: The Reunion, was the ones with the iconic trivia game that Ross created for Monica, Rachel, Joey, and Chandler to see who knew each other better. The six actors recreated the game with some questions about the show, which was so funny! We had the opportunity to see Monica’s competitive side in action, along with Phoebe’s excitement that we all love! And the questions made us all doubt how true of fans we are.

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We loved how Mr. Heckles made a special appearance and to see Tom Selleck appear and ask the legendary question of what Chandler Bings does for life… which no one knows! Matt finding his hand twin for the fantastic idea of a television program. “This hand is my hand… oh no, it’s your hand… Oh, it’s mine!”. Hilarious!

The One With The Surprises

The special evening was full of everything we ever wanted, but the surprise guests were the highlight. We loved to see four of our favorite characters in the audience supporting the six friends. Including our famous laugh queen Janice, oh, to see Maggie Wheeler make a special appearance with her unique laugh. Oh… My… God… She is the only one who can do that!

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At the same time, we saw our favorite waitress and barista, the one and only Gunther! We cherished seeing him enjoying the moment and having the time to see his only love, Rachel! And let’s not forget how the cast calls them “The Parents Of Friends,” Elliott Gould, and Christine Pickles, who played Monica and Ross Geller’s parents on the show!

The One With All The Bloopers

Watching our faves on scenes is something, but watching their bloopers and seeing them break character was fantastic! We loved each of the small bloopers shown around the special, like the one where Matt fell a lot entering Central Perk because he didn’t see the mark on the floor, or where Courtney Cox confessed that she didn’t want Ross to play on her “ButtMtzvah,” and some others that genuinely made us laugh and also see that the laughs were not only the ones scripted!

Another blooper that we won’t ever forget is when Matt LeBlanc hurt himself while they were filming ‘The One When No One’s Ready,’ which made the producers change the storyline of Friends to include Joey’s hurt arm. Which according to the show, he broke it jumping on the bed. “Joey, that’s why your parents told you not to jump on the bed!”

The One With The Reading

We finally got the opportunity to hear the cast act out some of the iconic scenes that we all love from the show. Listening to Lisa Kudrow scream, “Oh My Eyes! My Eyes!” and act exactly how she did seeing into an ugly naked man’s apartment was iconic. And our hearts melted listening to Jennifer and David react to the scene where Rachel and Ross kiss for the first time. We were on the floor listening to one of the sweetest and most heartbreaking moments of television.

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Friends, Forever And Always In Our Hearts!

Friends has been a massive part of our lives. It has helped us grow into the people we are today and has made us feel that we have people to rely on when we are sad. Cause we know every time we feel down, we can open our computers and watch one episode that will make us laugh and want to move to New York with the six guys we all want to be for 27 minutes.

The show will always be part of us, and we won’t ever forget, cause Friends is not just a TV show. Friends is a lifestyle. We can say that we found our lobster and we are never gonna let it go. Thanks, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey, for being our friends for more than 25 years and never leaving our side. We love you all, always and forever.

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