Grace Aimi Is Showing Us The True Colors Of The ‘Rainbow’

Grace Aimi Is Showing Us The True Colors Of The ‘Rainbow’

Everyone! Hear us out! We have another new release that you don’t want to miss! One of our favorite Gen Z stars, Grace Aimi, just dropped the video for her stunning and wonderful song ‘Rainbow,’ from her EP Picnic.

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The addictive and hypnotic song ‘Rainbow’ has had us all listening to it while we all get ready to go out! It hypes us so much that we love to feel like queens repeating the song in our minds!

Listen to Picnic here!

The Creativity Of The Video *Chef’s Kiss*

Bringing us a 60’s modern vibe with the song, the music video shows us the beautiful Grace Ami singing in a hotel. Showing us the talented voice she has. The music video for ‘Rainbow’ takes us into the story of a bellboy looking for a certain woman that he sees a lot in the place he works at. He looks for her and, shows us a little twist that left us all with our mouths open! We failed with our Sherlock skills cause we couldn’t solve that case!

Watch the awesome video here:

We Have Our New Fashion Bodoo

Also, let’s talk about the style she has in the video! Not only did the wine-colored dress steal our hearts (which was so beautiful) but the yellow set she wears as her second outfit made us wanna search for one for us! And the glasses and accessories, like the butterfly necklace she uses… omg they were fire! Grace Aimi is truly a queen of fashion and that’s another reason why we love her!

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This new era of Grace Aimi with Picnic has shown us the true colors (which we are loving) of this iconic artist! We cannot wait to see more of her and what she is preparing! Listen to and download ‘Rainbow’ here.

What are your thoughts on the video? Did you love the song as much as we did? Tell us everything in the comments and don’t forget to vibe with us on our Instagram @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Masami Sano

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