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I Won’t Reach Out To You Hot Mulligan’s Highly Anticipated EP

I Won’t Reach Out To You Hot Mulligan’s Highly Anticipated EP

I Won't Reach Out To You official album art

I Won’t Reach Out To You, Hot Mulligan‘s highly anticipated EP dropped today via Wax Bodega.

Five songs, twelve minutes. The time span, short, but the emotion behind it? Massive. Prior to the release, the band delivered two of the five tracks as singles, accompanied by acoustic versions of each. After the singles, we were confident that the resulting EP would be jam-packed with energy and evolved emotion. We were right! Hot Mulligan won’t reach out, but they also won’t disappoint.

The start of the EP opens with ‘One for the Boy,’ a short intro song showcasing a sense of composure, tranquility, and an emotional call back to the band’s last LP You’ll Be Fine. As the themes of isolation run concurrent with the EP, the haunting lyrics are perfectly paired as they trail off.

Stay at home, stay at home. There’s no one left to let me know you’ll be fine.

Hot Mulligan – ‘One For the Boy’

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Following the serenity of the opening track is the single ‘Featuring Mark Hoppus.’ Engulfing us in high-energy emo, this song lives rent-free inside our heads and heart. While the song itself doesn’t feature Mark Hoppus, it did gain his deserving attention. Excellent work, boys. Catch the clip here.

Don’t let ‘Losing Days’ acoustic-esque intro fool you; you’ll be scream-singing this chorus in no time. The soft-start is accompanied by a massive flow of perfectly paired instrumentals and consistently raw, relatable lyrics. A reflection upon the days of struggle, we know the exact feelings behind the writing.

Hot Mulligan – ‘One For the Boy’

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Skating straight into the first released single, the EP pours passion-filled pop-punk. ‘Pop Shuvit (Hall of Meat, Duh)‘ is brilliant, bouncy, and bound to be killer live.

Saving the best for last, eh? We think so. The EP wraps up with an out-pour of emotion with ‘Please Don’t Cry, You Have Swag.’ Passionate, pure, and a perfect selection if you like to simultaneously cry, reflect on the past, and sh*t yourself? Something like that. All we know for sure is that the tears, they’re real. Delivering those shouty, soulful vocals that make Hot Mulligan, Hot Mulligan, the real kicker, is the song’s end. Brilliant. Hooooooly sh*t. Believe it or not, it leaves us speechless.

Hot Mulligan – ‘Please Don’t Cry, You Have Swag’

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Ending I Won’t Reach Out To You in the same way it started, circling back as it fades out

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From start to finish, a cohesive cut of music, this EP excels. What else could we expect? What we’re left with is the dream of what it’d sound like live. And while we have to wait all summer, we’ll be living it soon enough, as Hot Mulligan has announced a US tour. Although, you better catch them quick as some dates have already sold out. Grab tickets for the tour here, and if you’ve yet to pick up the album, cop it here.

So, what did you think of the record? Reach out and let us know! Find us on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram. We just wanna talk. 


Featured Image Source: Courtesy of No Earbuds

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