These Four 5SOS Songs Deserve More Love

These Four 5SOS Songs Deserve More Love

And we’re going to give it to them!

Evolution is in their DNA! Over the years, 5SOS have continuously stepped up their game instrumentally, lyrically, and emotionally. With each song, they have given us something to scream to, cry to, and wanting to throw rocks at broken windows. Every album leaves us wanting ‘More’!

Certainly, whether you are a dedicated fan or new to the 5SOS fam, you have more than likely browsed through the entirety of their discography.

Here is a selection of songs that we at The Honey Pop believe deserve more love!

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5 Seconds of Summer: ‘Everything I Didn’t Say’

First, we will start with this highly underrated tune from their debut self-titled album. In this song, vocalist Luke Hemmings takes us on an emotional roller coaster. This song was the first of many that we would begin resonating with on a deeper level.

Sounds Good Feels Good: ‘Fly Away’

Next, we have a track from their sophomore album that makes us feel exactly how the album title sounds. With this high-energy, pop-punk feel from 5SOS, it really does Sounds Good Feels Good. A track that makes us want to jump around and dance as if no one else is watching. This track is about embarking on new adventures, wanting a bit of our old world to collide with our new reality.

Youngblood: ‘More’

Thirdly, after a much-needed break, the creation of Youngblood would soon come to fruition. In the track ‘More,’ we are introduced to a darker side of 5SOS, both lyrically and instrumentally. Drummer Ashton Irwin fuels this song with heavier drums than we have seen in previous albums. This song will make you want to scream every word while riding the tide of emotions behind the lyrics.

CALM: ‘Thin White Lies’

In addition to 5SOS’ ever-growing discography, we are met with another emotionally charged album, CALM. This album truly has a personality of its own. Filled to the brim with catchy choruses and a plethora of jam-worthy bridges. In ‘Thin White Lies,’ we get a somber vibe. During this track, bassist Calum Hood sets the tone with a funky bass line followed by an ethereal tone from guitarist Michael Clifford.

Honorable Mentions:

If you enjoy these four tracks, here is a list of honorable mentions that definitely deserve more love too!

  • ‘Don’t Stop’
  • ‘Never Be’
  • ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’
  • ‘Airplanes’
  • ‘Better Man’
  • ‘Woke Up In Japan’
  • ‘Meet You There’
  • ‘Kill My Time’

In short, 5SOS has continuously shown growth in their music and will only keep getting better as time goes on.

What are some of 5SOS’ songs you feel need more love? Share your faves with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop or our Facebook page!

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Featured Image Source: Andy Deluca

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