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We Are Serving Up What’s New In Music

We Are Serving Up What’s New In Music

It’s our favorite day of the week! Friday! Which of course means we are being treated to so much new music! It’s always such a melting pot of new artists and old favorites. The new music spans every genre, and we are beyond excited to jump into talking about some of our favorites with you guys!

Kat Cunning – ‘Boys’
Image Source: Brian Ziff

With pride month just around the corner, this track couldn’t have come at a better time. Kat penned this track inspired by a friend of theirs who had transitioned and that makes for such a raw, real listening experience. We were moved by the line “Don’t feel alone, don’t be ashamed.”

While we can’t speak from experience we’ve heard friends of ours talk about what a scary process transitioning can be, it’s so beautiful to read these lyrics and think of how this must feel to anyone in this situation. A music video will follow in June made up of an entirely LGBTQIA+ crew, and we can’t wait to check it out!

Stream ‘Boys’ here!

Marshmello & Carnage – ‘Back In Time’
Image Source: Marshmello via Twitter

As with all the best Marshmello songs this track will be best played at a party. It’s so hyped and really reminiscent of earlier 2010s, or late 2000s EDM. We can already see ourselves turning ‘Back In Time’ on at a club or house party once the world returns to normal.

Festivals like EDC or Tomorrowland are going to eat this track up. It’s quickly becoming one of our favorite Marshmello tracks and acts as an incredible introduction to Carnage.

Stream ‘Back In Time’ here!

Molly O’Malley – ‘princess mia (ybsntcht)’
Image Source: Ann Gilly

Everyone has that song that they just want to dance around the room and sing into a hairbrush. This is our hairbrush song.

Something that Molly has done so well with this track is they’ve made synth-pop, and alt-rock blend seamlessly. She’s shown that music doesn’t have to be boxed into one genre to be incredible and representative of a signature sound. This track is all about the butterflies you get around that special person.

And yes, if they ever do a third Princess Diaries movie this song better be on the soundtrack.

Stream ‘princess mia (ybsntcht)’ here!

BELARO – ‘Grateful’
Image Source: Foundation Media

This might just be one of our favorite songs we’ve heard all month. BELARO sings all about the realization that this person you’ve done so much for isn’t ‘Grateful’ for you. We think of this track as more pop-upbeat sister to Taylor Swift‘s ‘tolerate it.’

That closing line of “I’m so grateful that I don’t have you’ is beyond genius. It’s such a nice wrap-up to know that she didn’t let a person like this back into her life.

Steam ‘Grateful’ here!

Ocean Heights – ‘PROB’
Image Source: Ocean Heights via Instagram

‘PROB’ is exactly the song you want to put on and just vibe. Either driving late at night in a city or just in your room in the dark by yourself, this song is on and the volume is turned all the way up, and all is right in the world.

We are getting both R&B and alt-pop vibes from the track with we love. With ‘PROB’ acting as the first Ocean Heights song we’re hearing we can’t wait to do a deep dive.

Stream ‘PROB’ here!

Rarin – ‘Toxic Ends’
Image Source: Rarin via Twitter

If the rap or hip-hop genre is up your alley you’re going to love this track. We personally loved it and have found ourselves keeping it on repeat. Rarin has such a beautiful tone, and that’s showcased at so many different points throughout ‘Toxic Ends.’

If you’re loving what you’re hearing you’re in luck! Rarin is releasing a mixtape under the same name as this single over the summer!

Stream ‘Toxic Ends’ here!

Hunter Lyons – Trust in a Stranger
Image Source: Evergreen Entertainment

Firstly, we can’t get over how incredible of a voice Hunter has. This whole EP showcases his voice perfectly and really knocked our expectations out of the park for a debut project.

The EP is five tracks, which acts as that perfect sweet spot of not being too long or short. Out of those five tracks our favorite has to be ‘Something About Her.’ Everyone go listen to this masterpiece ASAP!

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Stream Trust in a Stranger here!

Elder Island – Swimming Static
Image Source: Elder Island via Instagram

We have not been able to turn this album off since our first listen! If you’re anything like us and hadn’t jumped on board the Elder Island train, do yourself a favor and jump on board! Elder Island is a UK-based trio that makes genuinely good indie music.

Our favorite track off of the record comes on track three with ‘Small Plastic Heart.’ It’s such a unique track that we’ve played probably more than any other off the record.

Stream Swimming Static here!

Image Source: Jo Duck

Allday is a musical genius. Just so we’re all clear, we had to get that out of the way.

This album Drinking With My Smoking Friends is what you’ll catch us listening to all summer. Every track is a standout, but if we had to pick a favorite it would be ‘Void’ or ‘Bright.’ We really just can’t recommend this record (and the rest of Allday’s discography) enough!

Stream Drinking With My Smoking Friends here!

We would love to hear from you! What new music that we mentioned is your favorite? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP

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