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Superbloom’s Flower Power Is Alive And Well!

Superbloom’s Flower Power Is Alive And Well!

While pop dominates the charts, let’s not forget about the smashing guitar bands! Lots of super talented groups emerged these last months. Superbloom fits into that category with the Nirvana-like nostalgia on Pollen, their new album.

Kicking Up In Nostalgia!

New-York based Superbloom opens in a grandiose way with ‘1994.’ The track throws us back in time. Wear your Doc Martens and let your long hair loose. It’s time to rebel. The song is followed by the heavy-duty ‘Mary On A Chain.’ Is this a wink to the Scottish band Jesus And Mary Chain? Just listen to it, and you’ll find some similarities with the atmospheric guitars.

Sense Or Sensibility

Then, we fly back to Bush and Gavin Rossdale-inspired raw vocals and fuzzy rhythmics on ‘Hey Old Man.’ It’s just too addictive! Any fans of Nirvana’s In Utero album or Foo Fighters fans out there? You’ll love the slick drums, banging all over the place with such energy. Superbloom also proves that rock is imprinted with so much sensibility on the acoustic ballad ‘Muzzle.’ We feel the superb aesthetic of MTV Unpluggedthe smooth guitar predominance that floats in the air and refreshes our minds.

Louder Please!

Side A from Pollen ends with ‘Nothing Else,’ an escape through the hypnotic punk gaze. Close your eyes and feel the buzz. Fans of Soundgarden, Evanescence, and all our beloved cult favorites, it’s for you! What about side B? The guitars still roll in like a bang on ‘Spill’ and ‘Whatever,’ bringing on the rocking vibes and fuzzy loops! We also think a bit about Weezer on a few tracks. ‘Worms’ got that slow kick drum and the stargazing bass sounds that keep us hooked.

Image Source: Patrick Turk

There Are Voices In My Head

Fans of Blur from 13 album era can recognize the complex melodic lines, fierce guitars, and lavish harmonies on ‘Glass Candy Wrapper’ and the title track ‘Pollen.’ The album comes to a close with the acoustic ‘Twig.’ Superbloom may be loud on some pieces, but on this one, they ramble about voices in their head, in all fragility. Who will cry with us?

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Get the Pollen LP digitally on Bandcamp or pre-order the vinyl out on June 14th here. You can also stream the new single ‘Muzzle’ right this way!

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