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Adora On Inclusivity And Latest Single ‘Here We Go’

Adora On Inclusivity And Latest Single ‘Here We Go’

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Adora feels like a fresh breeze that’s here to refresh our minds and uplift our musical spirits. We are back with another interesting interview where THP paired up with London-based Fran Sylver and Romi Alter of Adora. If you haven’t heard of this duo yet, you need to look them up right now as you’re missing out on this rising sensation. But hey, wait until the interview ends *wink wink* as we have got some interesting behind-the-scenes scoop exclusively for you.

In a distant land kissed by the sun where mountains rose from the sea, Adora was born and the rest was history.”

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Image Source: Adora via Instagram

Back with their sophomore release earlier this month, ‘Here We Go’ is an energetic number with a marvelous blend of melodious harmonies which will have you grooving till the end. Filled with all the thrill and excitement of classic & modern rock/pop vibes, this song is making our thoughts bounce high with its strong message of never throwing in the towel, but keep fighting through the challenges; something that’s most likely to resonate with all of us during these times. Adora’s vision is not all limited to making music but to stand out in the crowd with their vision of creating a safe space; a community of tolerant and open-minded people who stand and fight for inclusivity and rights.

We want to transmit the idea of not taking one’s youth for granted, and of cherishing the present moment. Feeling young is not bound by age, but is rather a mindset, and [our music] is for anyone who identifies with that way of thinking and living.

Fran Sylver & Romi Alter – Adora

And that’s not all. They are very fashion-driven and will be featured in the launching line of the upcoming jewelry brand, Pretty Vacant. They have partnered with various brands and also worked with Depop to showcase their online vintage store Empire Vintage offering aesthetically pleasing choices that are synonymous with their music. Adora is gearing up to show the world how creative they are as they continue to carve a name for themselves in London’s fashion and music world and oh, we are so rooting for them!

We, here at The Honey POP, officially claim Adora as an artist to watch out for! And without further ado, let’s get into our exclusive interview where we talked to them about their newest release, vision, love for fashion, and much more. Keep reading further to know more!

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Your vision ‘to create a community of tolerant, open-minded people’ gave birth to Adora which is beautiful. Do you remember the earliest memory of how you two joined forces and embarked on your musical journey? And what’s the story behind the band’s name?
We met a few years ago in London, and soon after we decided to write music together since we shared the same influences and vision. We went to loads of gigs together as well, and we eventually realized that we didn’t just want to be a part of the crowd, we’d rather be the ones up on the stage. That’s pretty much how it all started. As for our band name, we went through many ideas. A big contender was Empire, but we chose that for our vintage shop instead. We finally landed on Adora because we wanted something short, powerful, and easy to pronounce in multiple languages. We are both Spanish, so it had to sound good both in English and in Spanish.

Your latest single ‘Here We Go’ is a groovy number showcasing your great musical caliber delivering a powerful message. How did you come up with the idea of writing this song and what did the production process look like?
We wrote and recorded the chorus for ‘Here We Go’ two years ago. Soon after, whilst we were visiting our families in the Canary Islands we wrote the rest of the song. When we came back to London we worked on the production for a few weeks and ended up recording the whole track in our flat. The entire process of writing this song was extremely organic, and we just went with whatever we felt could sound fun. We took the risks of giving ourselves the freedom of not having any boundaries in terms of the structure and instrumentation of the song.

Once we finished writing we immediately fell in love with the result and we still are very proud of it. We managed to find Jérémy Hagry, an amazing mixing and mastering engineer who absolutely loved the song. He provided a lot of depth and energy to the track and it was a pleasure to work with someone so invested in our project.

The visuals for the track are so aesthetically pleasing. Who came up with its concept and how was your experience of shooting the video?
We don’t often say it, but we are always in charge of any visual concept accompanying any of our projects. We love working with people and sharing ideas, but we always have a clear outline in mind of what we want to aesthetically achieve. For this song, we had been gathering ideas for a few months, and when the time came to film it, we just compressed all of those ideas and shared them with our videographer.

From there we all came up with new ideas to expand the depth of the video. And once we had a clear idea of what we were filming and what we needed for it, we just went for it. The shooting was hard work, as per usual, but really really fun. We filmed in various locations on different dates; which made it more interesting, but also more time-consuming. However, the best part of it for us is always the fact that we get to materialize an idea that has been stealing our sleep for a long time. That is priceless.

How would you describe your relationship with music? What do you think sets your music apart from the crowd? Is it rebellious, unconventional, or something else?
Our relationship with music is an essential part of our identity. From a young age, we would listen to music, and imagine ourselves partaking in striking productions. So, making music is something very intuitive for us, the same goes for performing. In terms of our music, we have such a wide range of influences and sounds that we experiment with, that we always find a way to make our music evolve. We would say it’s unconventional, or at least that it doesn’t follow the norm of a typical rock band. In terms of our performance style, we would also consider our approach unconventional, due to what inspires it. We are very moved by the theatrical performance and take inspiration from artists like David Byrne, Bowie, and Raphael. So, we invest a lot of effort into creating a very moving show that makes the experience of watching Adora live, very different from watching other artists.

Image Source: Adora via Instagram

And we are sure your performances would be as mesmerizing as your music. Speaking of which, who are the major musical influences that you grew up listening to, and do you think it inspired your own sound?
We both grew up listening to a lot of classic rock (Dire Straits, Eagles, Pink Floyd…) as well as things like Abba and Queen. We then both had strong Nirvana phases, which we still absolutely love. Growing up in Spain has definitely exposed us to a lot of music that we wouldn’t know if-else; ranging from Mecano to Nathy Peluso. All of these artists and many more influence us greatly, but we simply try to find music that feels good to listen to us, whatever the genre or style.

Apt to its title, your debut single ‘Anthem To The Youth’ was your impressive introduction to the music landscape and laid a strong foundation for your eclectic career. Could you tell us about how you came up with the theme surrounding your single? Is there a personal story that inspired the idea?
Again this song was written about two years ago. It was the first time that we wrote something that really resonated with how we felt, what we liked, and what we needed at the time. So it felt great from the start. It is inspired by personal stories of ours. We kept having conversations about how there were many people our age who seemed to not know where to go next and weren’t busy trying to figure it out, as well as many people whom we felt weren’t taking enough risks; merely in the name of conforming.

We obviously realize that everyone has their journey and priorities, but we felt it sad to look back on our lives in a few years and feel like we didn’t do or try enough of what excited us. By writing the song, we realized that it was not only people our age who weren’t taking risks and trying new things, but in fact, most of the older people we know, do probably live this way. So, we really wanted to transmit the idea that the drive and excitement that we associate with youth, is merely a mentality, which can, and should be carried by one throughout their life. At least that’s how we like to think about it, and we think it makes life a little bit easier!

“You’ve got to wear what you like / You won’t be thinking of style when you die” – Just WOW! We love your songwriting skills on this song, they definitely depict your strong vision and progressive outlook. Adora, can you tell us how important is it for you to amplify your voice through music and to stand for inclusivity and individuality? How are you further planning to use your platform towards this?
That lyric is very specific to us and our journey as individuals and now as musicians. We come from a small place, where if you don’t fit the mold, you really stand out. We can now comfortably showcase our outrageous outfits, but it wasn’t always like that. We both remember wanting to experiment with fashion so deeply, yet not having the courage, the funds, or the shops we wanted, to do it. So that lyric is something we needed to hear back then because at the end of the day, what one wears, only defines them as much as they choose to – especially if worn with confidence.

It sends a strong message of individualism, which is something we have both struggled with growing up.

It is paramount for us to share such experiences and points of view through our music because we realize that countless individuals are navigating these same waves. We realize that social media is a great tool for us to connect with people and share all of these conversations that if-else, would stay between the two of us! Again, growing up in such a small place, meant that most of the things that we liked were not welcomed. We know that this is a situation many people find themselves in, so we find it important to share how transient it is, and how we have managed to break away from what we felt was strangling our creativity.

Image Source: Adora via Instagram

This is a fabulous perspective. You are quite a fashionable duo with a unique vintage style that sets you apart. You also own an online vintage store and while your aesthetics are synonymous with your sound, what message do you want to deliver to your audience and fans through this? And what’s in store for the future on the fashion front?
This has a lot to do with what we explained in the previous question. We want people to experience total freedom (like we, fortunately, do now) when choosing their attire. Because we recognize how important this has been in building our confidence and knowledge of ourselves. We have found ways of getting over economic and societal constraints when it comes to buying the clothes that we like. But we know that not everyone has the time, energy, or patience to do it this way.

So we actually have a really exciting fashion project coming soon, which will help us provide the shopping experience that we always wanted growing up; one that doesn’t categorize by genders, and one which is economically accessible and sustainable for everyone to enjoy. We will be soon launching a refined version of our vintage fashion shop, where you can expect to buy pieces that we would wear, as well as fashionable Adora merch – all at affordable prices. We aim to contribute however we can to make individualism and identity expression something fun and accessible to everyone – regardless of size, gender, color, budget, and any other preferences/constraints.

Image Source: Adora via Instagram

Can’t wait to see all of these new things coming from you, guys! Now let’s talk about social media and the music industry that are going hand in hand. With an influx in the number of social platforms and their growing popularity, new artists have a better reach to their audience. What’s your take on how social media is affecting the industry?
We find it a great and necessary opportunity these days. There are so many artists doing so many different things, that it is truly important to try and reach the people that will enjoy what you have to say. Social media is literally designed to cater to this, now more than ever. So we try to have fun with it, whilst recognizing it as a key tool for us to push our message forward. It is true that at the end of the day, social media can become a mere façade, which can even take away a lot of the substance behind one’s vision. However, we like to think of things on positive terms, to make sure we learn to use them in positive ways. And there is a lot of great things you can do through social media, especially as creatives.

So what’s next for Adora on both music and fashion fronts?
As we mentioned, the new fashion line will be coming very soon. We are also working on more music, and obviously live shows – we can’t wait to perform more! With things slowly opening up, we feel like it’s gonna be a great summer.

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And we can’t wait for live music either. It feels like an eternity and we are missing that thrill and summer vibe so much. Thank you for chatting with us, Adora. We are so excited to see all the new things coming from you and will be keeping our readers in the loop.

What was your favorite part of the interview? What did you think about the new single ‘Here We Go?’ Let us know in the comments below or reach out to us on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP. We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Stream ‘Here We Go’ here!

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Featured Image Credit: Courtesy of Adora (Instagram), Graphics Team at The Honey Pop

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