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The One Where Hayley Kiyoko Gives Us The Love Story Of Our Cottagecore Dreams

The One Where Hayley Kiyoko Gives Us The Love Story Of Our Cottagecore Dreams

Hayley Kiyoko 'Chance' promo

There simply couldn’t be a better kick-off to pride month than this Hayley Kiyoko music video! Released on June 1st, ‘Chance’ is the kind of love story that takes you on a whole journey.

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“I’m always starved for hopeful queer stories onscreen, and I really wanted to direct a narrative that focused on the happier ‘honeymoon’ phase of a relationship to show what can happen if we take a chance on ourselves and have that love reciprocated. The video is meant to portray those first few weeks, months, or even years when you are utterly head over heels in love with each other,” Hayley said.

And it does just that.

Image Source: Warner Music Group

Lesbian Jesus + Cottagecore

The video opens on a dreamy landscape that serves up all of the cottagecore vibes we could ask for. Shot on 16mm film, the grainy, magical aura spins a story that feels like it was plucked straight out of a dream. It’s sun-soaked and summery, and visually, it’s a world we want to disappear in.

Everything about this video is like the culmination of the ultimate cottagecore Pinterest board. It tugs at your heart and makes you wish the story lasted longer to see what happens next in this world of clean laundry, flowers, apples, and raw joy.

We couldn’t imagine pride month beginning any other way.

The Making Of ‘Chance’

‘Chance’ was produced by GRAMMY®-winner Danja, and co-written by Hayley along with Pat Morrissey & Kill Dave, and Nate Cyphert. The song is pure hopeful, joyful pop dressed up with synths and soft vocals.

The music video was directed by Hayley herself, creating another layer of narrative to accompany the song.

I directed the video on 16mm film, alongside an incredible team of badass women – from the director of photography to the editor, and the producers. I am so grateful for the entire crew who helped bring this vision to life as well as to our incredible lead actress, Alexandra Shipp. I hope ‘Chance’ sparks the hope that anyone can and will find the love they deserve.

Hayley Kiyoko

With ‘Chance,’ it’s safe to say Hayley achieved her goal of crafting a hopeful queer love story! Our hearts are melted like a gooey marshmallow, and yours will be too. Watch the video below!

Coming Up

Next, Hayley will kick off Pride festivities with live performances on June 4th at the Can’t Cancel Pride virtual event. Plus, she headlines OUTLOUD: RAISING VOICES on June 5th in LA. OUTLOUD: RAISING VOICES will be available to stream on Twitch, but if you’re in LA, you can get tickets to the in-person show here

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2021 has proven to be a year full of excitement for Hayley Kiyoko stans because not only did we get ‘Chance,’ we also got ‘Found My Friends’ and gender-inclusive fragrance ‘HUE.’ Perhaps an EP or an album could be just around the corner? 👀 

What did you think of the music video? Tell us about your favorite part on Twitter @TheHoneyPop or Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Trevor Flores

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