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These 8 Haim Songs Are Missing From Your Playlist

These 8 Haim Songs Are Missing From Your Playlist

Known for their absurdly dynamic music festival performances and Este’s iconic bass face, Haim are modern-day rock stars that live to let us know rock music was never dead. With a song written for every type of heartache possible, these ladies dictate the pop-rock industry. It’s also safe to say they have quite the flawless discography. With that being said, we’ve put together eight of Haim’s best, patiently waiting for a spot on your playlist.

‘Little of Your Love’

If you’ve always been a secret fan of rockabilly, we found the song for you. There’s always something to be said about a lead singer playing lead guitar. ‘Little of Your Love’ will fit so discreetly into an ‘old school’ playlist that no one would think twice to question it. Also, instrumental sections are always great, but cellos in a rock song? Right before an insane guitar solo? Even cooler. If you fall victim to watching this performance from SNL more than a few hundred times, we’re not judging. (Side note: Este’s bass face in the middle of Danielle’s solo … please say you caught that).

‘Days Are Gone’

Rare in Haim’s discography is Este singing lead, but it’s always a treat when she does. Just like most Haim songs, you almost can’t tell what era it’s from; genre-bending at its finest. Este’s Stevie Nicks-inspired vocals reach through the speakers and tackle you in a bear hug. She promises us that those days of accepting toxic behavior, well those days are gone.

‘Now I’m In It’

It’s literally a voice in your head that’s telling you, ‘You’re worthless,’ and it’s just really, really dark [stuff]. Things that I would never say to another human being, I say to myself constantly.

Este Haim for Genius

After a dark period, this track came about for all three women in which they battled their depleting mental health. They found themselves trapped in the personal issues they had brushed aside simply to focus on touring. But within all this comes light; by the end of the song, we learn it’s about admitting you need help and knowing you’re worth getting better. (Perfect emo bop for your ‘sad hours’ playlist, plus who’s not a sucker for Haim’s use of 16th notes?)

‘Right Now’

Leaving a one-sided, messy relationship is always tough. But what if only after you’ve healed from said relationship, your ex-partner wants you back? We expect you to find some shared anger with Haim in ‘Right Now.’ Danielle’s sass and assertiveness bleed through the track. That is more apparent in the live version before she knocks out another insane guitar solo like it’s nothing. Unfortunately, her solo is not a part of the studio version. Still, you can check it out in their gnarly Glastonbury set above (which includes a ridiculous three-minute drum performance from all three sisters!)

‘I’ve Been Down’

Alright, Bob Dylan fans, this one’s for you. Every detail of this song seems intentional, from guitar string squeaks to the rasp in Danielle’s upper register, all to invoke a memorable shared experience between the listener and Haim. Danielle pressures us to listen to her every word when she says she’s been “feelin’ pretty foolish tryna get myself through this.” You can tell these ladies grew up listening to the likes of Joni Mitchell and Elliot Smith.

‘The Steps’

No way were we going to make a list of Haim bops and not include ‘The Steps,’ and more specifically, their remarkable Grammy’s performance. To be clear, singing lead and playing drums at the same time is not easy, especially in front of all your peers and vast celebrities. We’re pretty sure Danielle Haim has legend in her veins. Something extraordinary about Haim is their ability to make their drum patterns and guitar tones unique to their musicality — you’ll know it’s Haim when you hear it. This song is absolutely and always at the top of our playlists, so thanks, Haim!


An oldie but nonetheless golden. Haim’s use of production in this track is riveting; the R&B undertones and vocal improv make for the perfect pop-rock track. One of our favorite things about this band is their understanding that bass should be front and center, not lost in production somewhere in the sauce. ‘Falling’ is a prime example of that. Este’s bass lines can light a fire through the veins of the world’s toughest cynics, as it should.

‘Don’t Wanna’

A groovy 3 minute and 21 seconds sit lovingly and cozily in the middle of Women in Music Pt. IIIA song of hope and light into a relationship that’s presumed to go under, Danielle promises, “we both had nights waking up in strangers’ beds, but I don’t wanna give up yet.” A simpler track, the song allegedly came out of a drunken jam session with their producer Rostam, formerly of Vampire Weekend. Haim’s made the perfect track for a ‘summertime out-and-about’ type of playlist.

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You won’t find a band as dedicated and cultivated at their craft as Haim. Treating each song like their newborn baby, we never expect anything other than magic from these ladies – which we’re sure you’ll find in the rest of their discography.

Haim recently won an award for International Group at the 2021 BRIT Awards. So, if you’re from the UK and lookin’ for more Haim, you’ll be cheesed to find out they rescheduled their One More Haim tour with dates in Glasgow, Nottingham, the O2, and more – check out their site for details!

What tracks do you think deserved a place on this list? What did we miss, let us know! Tweet us at @TheHoneyPop or comment down below!


Featured Image Source: Olivia Malone for PORTER

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