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7 BTS Songs To Check Out If You Love Their Chart-Topping Single ‘Butter’

7 BTS Songs To Check Out If You Love Their Chart-Topping Single ‘Butter’

BTS Top The Charts With Butter Billboard Hot 100 No 1

What BTS wants, BTS gets! The Bangtan Boys have done it again and scored themselves the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 with their sizzling new single ‘Butter.’ This is the boys’ fourth chart-topping single to date, all of which they have achieved within less than a year. We’re so proud!

With this fourth chart-topper, BTS is now the first group to have a trio of number 1 entrances as well as being the fastest group to run their first four number-one singles since the Jackson 5 back in 1970. We really do stan legends!

BTS Top Charts With Butter The Honey POP BTS Songs You Should Listen To As A New Fan
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Speaking about their success, BTS shared in a press release that they’re “happy and honored that the song reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 again.” They also shared their utmost gratitude to fans, saying “we couldn’t have gotten our fourth chart-topping song without everyone’s love and support. Thank you for enjoying ‘Butter’ and we will keep working hard to deliver refreshing and passionate music.” We’re not crying, you are!

Now while we know many of you reading this are ARMY, we also know BTS are constantly gripping the attention of new fans every single day. So, to help out you curious newbies, we’re sharing some songs to get you started on your journey down the Bangtan rabbit hole. You’re welcome.


We’re taking you back to a little over a year ago with the title track of their latest full-length album Map of the Soul: 7 when life was pretty darn great and we were clueless of the world’s disruption as we vibed to the highly anticipated comeback of BTS. ‘ON’ is the title track of the album and is solid evidence of just how talented these seven boys are. Fuelled with heavy and infectious beats, powerful vocals, and a dance break that will take your breath away, this massive track is definitely a great inside to BTS. We highly recommend you watch ‘Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima’ or their performance at Grand Central Station on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon because they truly capture their abilities as performers and that alone can show you why they are so widely loved.


‘Dis-ease’ dropped at the end of last year from their latest album BE and has such great retro vibes but not in the disco-pop way we witnessed a lot last year. BTS has old skool hip hop in their origin roots and this feels like the perfect way to pay homage to their humble beginnings. It also shows more of their genius wordplay, where j-hope (the main songwriter of this track) describes an uncomfortable feeling when you are not productive as a “disease,” yet dis-ease can also be interpreted as “this ease” as in feeling the satisfaction after working on something. This song truly is relatable for so many who are often feeling overwhelmed by workload yet are uncertain about taking a break to refresh, but also offers messages of hope through its lyrics. It really is a whole vibe!

‘Boy in Luv’

The year is 2014 and BTS are less than a year into their debut. ‘Boy in Luv’ is the pinnacle of teenage boys exploring their heightened hormones and feelings and follows their darker and edgier concepts from their earlier days. Being fresh-faced and around the age of adolescence, the bad boy school visual was the perfect fit for them back in the day, and though they claim to only look forward these days, we can’t help but reminisce over this iconic era. These days we don’t hear much of V‘s gruff vocals as we witness in this track (you’ll notice his voice is often softer and more velvety in their newer material) and may sound like an odd thing to feel nostalgic over, but his evolution much like all of the members proves they’ve always been more than capable artists from day one.


Brought to you by the album that gave us the famous ‘Boy With Luv’ featuring Halsey, ‘Home’ is a masterpiece in its own right. The cozy R&B b-side is truly a fan favorite from Map of the Soul: Persona and is such a smooth-talking track that when you read the translations of the lyrics, it’s hard to not get flustered by the BTS charm. The septet sing about wanting to spend time with a lover and how that person makes them feel wealthy and at home. If you’re ever trying to schmooze a lover, then this song definitely can offer a helping hand. Then again, you may end up placing eight behind these seven charismatic lads…


Taking it back to when BTS started to get more international attention, ‘Dope’ is such a fun song and the music video along with the choreography is so visually appealing. The song sings about being on the grind and working hard to achieve success, and in typical Bangtan style encourages young people to reject rejection and chase after their dreams. The song structurally is unconventional of verse followed by pre-chorus into the chorus format which is a major contributing factor to why it’s so easy to get hooked. The anticipated hook of “I’m kinda dope” paired with the dynamic chorus filled with a snazzy saxophone, ‘Dope’ is one you will for sure have as an earworm for the foreseeable future. But is that really a bad thing? Not in our eyes!

‘Black Swan’

‘Black Swan’ switches things up once more with a dark melancholy concept which takes theming from famous choreographer Marta Graham: “A dancer dies – once when they stop dancing and this first death is the most painful.” BTS delves into their shadows which have been compressed for so long as the song gives a voice to their concerning fears that music may one day no longer be something they are passionate about. However, ‘Black Swan’ is also a paradoxical realization that music is all that they have. The artistry for ‘Black Swan’ is simply breathtaking and once again shows just how eclectic BTS’s catalog truly is.


From its bright and bold aesthetics to the melodic pop vibes, ‘DNA’ is a fun track that we still enjoy almost four years later. This song has a lot of layers with both low-key and energetic elements and quite a distinctive melody. Though there’s diversity in its structure, it’s such a well-balanced pop song where every piece of the puzzle fits like perfection. There’s a reason it’s one of their most memorable singles for long-time fans and why the Japanese version proudly takes place on their upcoming BTS, The Best compilation album. And if you’re into a more instrument-heavy sound, then we highly recommend you check out the ‘Pedal 2 LA Remix.’ Thank us later.

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Of course, we could chat to you for hours about BTS songs and our recommendations, but it just feels right to stop at seven; it’s a special number and plenty to get you started on your journey into becoming a fan.

BTS Butter Tops The Charts Billboard No 1
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How are you loving the triumph of ‘Butter?’ ARMY, which songs do you recommend to your friends when introducing them to BTS? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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