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Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers: From the Streets To Subaru Crosstrek

Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers: From the Streets To Subaru Crosstrek

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We’ve seen the rise, the fall, and now the return of Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers with a new single ‘I Wanna See The World’

The Lovemakers (consisting of Derek Lynch on guitar, Jordan Moore on guitar and keyboards, David Baez-Lopez on bass, Jmsey on keyboard and guitar, and Ben Lerch on drums) is fronted by the one and only Frank Lopez. Frank, better known by his living-out-of-his-’94-corolla stage name, Hobo Johnson, can be recognized for some very unique features. Most easily by his big goofy (yet lovely) smile, oversized curls, or his cheeks so adorable that no grandma could ever resist pinching. He’s just one of those people you can’t help but feel giddy about when you look at him. And, you’ll probably get that same warm-fuzzy feeling when hearing his music.

The Rise Of Hobo Johnson

Having a not-so-perfect relationship with his father landed him kicked out at age 19. If you’re wondering how he coped, you can probably guess the best way he knew how, through music. Catching their big break by being featured on NPR’s Tiny Desk. You may have heard of Tiny Desk before, as it has featured big names like Mac MillerLizzo, and more! They continued their success as a viral sensation on YouTube. Their video for ‘Peach Scone’ has over a million views! We think it is impossible to label Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers, with a sound as unique and versatile as theirs, to one specific genre. But, if we had to, we’d sub-genre them an emo-rap-spoken words-sensation. We’re cool with it. C’mon, what could be a better combination than that?

The angsty lyrics about real-life-romance and struggles that most of us are way too embarrassed to embrace openly, over a sick combo of perfectly played instruments, truly creates a sound like you’ve never heard before. Check out singles like ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Jesus Christ’ if you want to understand our obsession. Not to mention, those two songs are absolute bops that will make you wanna speed down the highway scream-singing the lyrics and flipping off the world.

The Fall Of Hobo Johnson

While it was the title of Hobo Johnson’s sophomore LP, it certainly wasn’t the vibe of it. The Fall Of Hobo Johnson includes killer tracks ‘Typical Story,’ ‘UglyKid,’ and one of our personal favs, ‘Subaru Chrosscheck XV.’ All of which also have a super rad music video pairing. 

The Return Of Hobo Johnson

We’ve experienced the rise, the fall, and now, the return of Hobo Johnson. Resurrecting to the musical world on June 3rd, he brings ‘I Wanna See The World.’ Complete with trademark sound, playfulness, and relevancy, the song also holds a sense of seriousness. Reflecting on feelings we can relate to after the past year. Wanting to see the world but knowing the hardships that have happened across it. Check out the latest single here:

What else can we expect from Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers this year? With a single comes an album? Or an EP? Tour? We’re begging for more grandma-worthy-awkwardness. Please deliver!

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