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How These Carats Celebrated SEVENTEEN’s Sixth Anniversary

How These Carats Celebrated SEVENTEEN’s Sixth Anniversary


SEVENTEEN has reached their sixth year since their initial debut back in 2015, and Carats are as excited as ever.

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We, here at THP, absolutely love fan projects, and this year’s fan projects that Carats made for SEVENTEEN’s sixth anniversary were no exception. There were so many cool and cute fan projects done by SEVENTEEN and Carats in support of the anniversary, and we are still in awe. But today, we will specifically be highlighting the lovely project by SVTIndianCarats, who have been active since 2018.

Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

SVTIndianCarats teamed up with fellow Carats to put together a gift for SEVENTEEN. Split into four parts, with three short features and one main, the project in their words, “All mirror the love and inspiration we received from Seventeen, and our desire to give back to them.” So let’s get into it!

‘SVT Merch Owned By Fans’

Okay, we are a bit jealous of the merch some of these Carats have, but also very impressed. We’re sure a lot of you will be adding the anniversary necklace to your collections very soon. We know we are!

‘Dance & Vocal Covers’

As if we didn’t know before, Carats are very talented, which is very evident during every fan chant. But this compilation of both dance and singing covers of the group’s songs proves the point! So don’t mind us, we’ll just be dancing along.

‘Fanart & Messages’

We always love seeing all the amazing fanart and sweet messages fans have to offer, and Carats, you are so artsy and creative! SEVENTEEN are so lucky to have you and your talent alongside them.

‘Down The Memory Lane’

To wrap up the project, we had this emotionally filled video with a stroll down memory lane. The video put’s everything into perspective of how far SEVENTEEN has come.

This was such a lovely gift for both SEVENTEEN and Carats. As SEVENTEEN does for fans constantly, this project brought us, and we’re assuming other Carats and some light and joy. Be sure to check out more of SvtIndianCarats’ on their Twitter and Instagram.

We can’t wait to see everyone’s project next year. Here’s to many more years of Carats and SEVENTEEN!

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What did you do to celebrate SEVENTEEN’s sixth anniversary? Are you already planning for next year? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

Not sure what to do while waiting for SEVENTEEN’s comeback? We got you covered!


Featured Image Source: Pledis Entertainment

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