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Sleeping With Sirens Is Back To Show You How To Play

Sleeping With Sirens Is Back To Show You How To Play

You read that right! Sleeping With Sirens is back with new music, and to say we are thrilled is an absolute understatement! We are so excited we had to go outside and scream sing the song for the neighbors, and we didn’t ask, but we’re pretty sure they loved our performance!

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‘Bloody Knuckles’ is the band’s first original single since their album How It Feels To Be Lost in 2019, and it was long overdue. Through the years, Sleeping With Sirens has experimented sonically, and we have been obsessed with everything they’ve released so far, but this new single finds the band going back to their roots but with a more experienced sound. The lyrics of the song pack a punch (see what we did there?) and speak volumes all on their own:

You always said I’d be a disappointment 
That I’d be nothing and I’d probably lose it all 
You thought that I would trip and fall 
But you’ll never see me beg or crawl.
Can’t take it Won’t fake it Punch a hole through the wall Try to break it 
Can’t change it Rearrange it So I guess that I’ll just have to face it 
This is bloody knuckles and I’ll show you how to play 
It’s the only way to escape from all the pain”

Add on the intoxicating and high-energy beats and production, and this song fully takes the cake for our favorite 2021 release so far. It’s everything we could’ve asked for in a new SWS song and more! And that’s before we even talk about the fierce beat drop into the chorus! Masterfully produced and created by the gods, it’s one of those beat drops that fuels our souls with fire and passion- it’s our new life source.

We bought a one way ticket cuz we’re sick of it all
Pack your bags we’re going 
At the bottom but we got no reason to lay low 
Like you care anyway (no) 
Here take one last breath Take all you can 
Til there’s nothing left (we’ll never do what you say no)
Until we drop dead (never let go)

If that doesn’t give you chill bumps and get you fired up we don’t know what will! Essentially, this song is a MASTERPIECE. FULL STOP. Check out the song below and then stream the single here!

We have seriously never been more hyped for a Sleeping With Sirens era than we are now! No word on when fans might get more new music, but this song solidifies that this upcoming era is going to be one of their most bad*ss yet! Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have some more rocking out to do!

We want to hear from you! What do you think of ‘Bloody Knuckles?’ Are you stoked to have new Sleeping With Sirens music like we are? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Sleeping With Sirens via Twitter

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