Our Heart Rate Is In ‘Trouble’ Because Of Marc E. Bassy

Our Heart Rate Is In ‘Trouble’ Because Of Marc E. Bassy

Love is a strong word, but we can’t help but use it with this song and the music video… oh lord. We don’t even know where to start! Yeah, it’s that good.

Mr. Bassy appears on the music video with the beautiful actress Amara Vayder. Together they play, dance, and flirt creating this oh-so worthwhile video. Their chemistry plus the amazing fx magnifies the listening experience by 1000%. You can watch and listen to ‘Trouble’ right now.

We’ve Got Issues (Not Really)

Once you hear this song, you won’t be able to stop listening to it, and that’s just what happened to us. We can already see our Spotify 2021 wrapped top song being ‘Trouble,’ and we aren’t complaining at all. We seriously are obsessed, and that’s a clear understatement. 2:53 minutes isn’t enough for us, and we want more, scratch that… we need more.

The flowy R&B song is accompanied by rather relatable lyrics as Bassy depicts this kind of toxic relationship where one of the participants constantly reaches out but the other one is done trying. A little bit too toxic, but c’mon we wouldn’t complain if it was one of us in a relationship with Mr. Bassy.

Overall, the song managed to win over our hearts at the first listen, and the video is just a plus, the cherry on top. We truly believe that ‘Trouble’ is a gem, one created with depictions of toxic love, but even so, full of amazing vibes that make us wanna dance and feel the beats throughout our bodies.

When Bassy named the song ‘Trouble’ as it is, he knew what he was doing, that was his intention all along. To drive us crazy and make us jealous of Amara who is with him in the video. But we can’t help but love her, she’s just so pretty.

What are your thoughts on this song? Can you relate as much as we did? Let us know in the comments or tweet us over @TheHoneyPOP


Featured Image Source: Marc E. Bassy via Youtube

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