Vera Revive And Dana Willax Are About To Make Us All ‘Faint’ With Their Talent

Vera Revive And Dana Willax Are About To Make Us All ‘Faint’ With Their Talent

May was Mental Health Awareness Month and our faves are always reminding us that they care about it! And we especially want to talk about Vera Revive and Dana Willax’s ‘Faint.’ Vera Revive wrote this song for Mental Health Awareness Month, reminding fans that they’re not alone and can always reach out for help.

‘Faint’ is the most realistic song we’ve heard about what happens inside someone’s head when they’re not okay. The strong vocals combine perfectly to create a raw and strong message and it literally sounds like a cry for help. For a very long time, it was rare to see artists be so open and vulnerable, but we’re glad that times have changed. And songs like ‘Faint’ are proof of that. Yes, the lyrics are heavy, but they’re also real, and that’s what we love about this song: it doesn’t shy away from reality.

After learning more about eating disorders, as well as our vocalist John Lockwood speaking out about his battles with body dysmorphia, we were inspired to write a song for Mental Health Awareness month that could be used for individuals to reach out and ask for help.

– Vera Revive on ‘Faint’

On top of writing a song that gives voice to those who may not have it in them to speak out and ask for help on their own just yet, the band also chose to donate 10% of their merch sales this month to Heart Support, an online community dedicated to helping people who are struggling with their mental health. How awesome is that?

Vera Revive have been a band since last year, and this is hardly the first time the band has brought important issues like human rights and mental health to their lyrics. But seeing a song written specifically for that purpose just hits different, you know? It feels like a warm hug laced with great instrumentation.

We strongly recommend you go give ‘Faint’ a listen, and then come back and tell us what you think. You can find us on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, or on Instagram and Facebook.

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