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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Aurora

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Aurora


Aurora Aksnes is a Norwegian-born ray of sunshine. You’d probably recognize her as The Voice Elsa follows into the unknown in Frozen 2. But Aurora’s been writing original music since she was 11 years old. Aurora’s music, and Aurora herself, are just as ethereal as The Voice. She’s definitely a gifted artist, and a gift to this world in her own right. If you’re not already, we think it’s high time you started stanning this talented, transcendent soul as she spreads positivity and empowerment to everyone who gives her a listen. We’ve even laid out five reasons why:

Her Environmental Activism

Aurora grew up in mountainous woodland surrounded by forests and fjords and draws on nature as one of her biggest sources of inspiration. She uses her platform to not only speak out on environmental issues but, to act towards decreasing humans’ acceleration of climate change. She is heavily involved with activism efforts like CHOOSE, where she works to offset her carbon footprint. Her active involvement with the Clean Sounds Movement, where she participates in the fight against plastic pollution, serves to bolster her efforts. Aurora seamlessly integrates music with climate impact, dedicating her second album, A Different Kind of Human, to issues surrounding the environment and global warming. She hopes to inspire action and certainly leads by example. Below you’ll find her enchanting NatGeo Earth Day performance of her politically-charged single, ‘The Seed.’

Her Use of Fashion

This girl has got fairycore down. Although Aurora’s style has been described as “weird,” it’s become one of the most distinctive things about her. She wears lots of soft but vibrant colors, airy tops, and flowy skirts that add to her ethereal vibes. Some of her clothes are made by her sister, and the rest is bought vintage and second-hand. In keeping with her sustainability consciousness, she donates her outfits when she’s done with them. There’s power in what we put on our bodies — an identity we communicate through our clothes. Aurora’s unwavering dedication to expressing her own identity through her clothing has encouraged fans to wear what they want to wear, regardless of society’s expectations. She has inspired her followers around the world to reevaluate their own wardrobes and give them the courage to experiment with their outward expression of themselves.

She’s Unapologetically Herself

We swear Aurora is from another plane of existence — a softer, happier one. We mean… she literally tweeted “hippeti hopp” a couple of months ago. This is a girl who ran to her sister’s house on foot just to bite into a freshly baked blueberry muffin. She’s just so positive, spreading joy and encouraging self-love at all times, in her songs, interviews, and especially on her social media. During quarantine, she’s been putting on stripped live shows where she chats with fans and plays some acoustic songs, and she literally announces them like this:

and like this:

How can you not love her? Aurora exudes a brave softness alongside a quiet strength which makes her a truly alluring soul. Besides that, our girl is in constant support of the BLM Movement and the LGBTQIA+ community. Not only does she inspire love and confidence in a harsh world, but she is just too pure and we don’t deserve her.

Her Music Is Literally Otherworldly

Aurora has the hauntingly sweet voice of a siren. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve sat, headphones in, and been transported to some far-off land as Aurora’s darkly romantic melodies floated through our ears. She combines elements from just about every genre of music from hip-hop to techno to metal into her songs, creating a truly unique musical experience. Her heavily rhythmic eclectic style doesn’t fit into any single genre and makes her sound, unlike anything you’ve heard before. Seriously, listen to this song and tell us you wouldn’t let her lead you to your death.

Her Raw Lyricism

Sure, we all love a good breakup song, but Aurora steps beyond relationship drama in her music’s themes. For a lot of fans, her discussion of world experiences and the political climate makes her discography even more special. She tackles tough issues in an attempt to empower her listeners, even dedicating one song in particular, ‘Queendom’ to her fans. Aurora has dealt with deep, meaningful topics such as suicide rates, capitalism’s destructive nature, and the importance of working through past trauma to reach a place of emotional strength. Some of her more pensive themes which require introspection surround questions of self-love and acceptance, the concept of being known, and what it means to be human.

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Although the themes are heavy, her music never loses its appeal to both your heart and body. Its upbeat melodies are fierce and invigorating, compelling you to dance without care and yell the lyrics from a mountaintop.

We just dumped a lot on you, but we can’t help but share our love and admiration for Aurora. Did our reasons change your mind? Tell us by tweeting @TheHoneyPOP or commenting down below.

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Featured Image Source: Aurora’s Official Twitter

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