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CHVRCHES Surfs On The Waves Of Success

CHVRCHES Surfs On The Waves Of Success

It’s here! We finally have the name of CHVRCHES’ fourth album. The British band would explore the deep visions of today’s culture in Screen Violence at the end of August. Guess what? The album will feature a surprise appearance by The Cure’s Robert Smith. The song, ‘How Not To Drown,’ is out now and our hearts are melting.

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From A Demo To A Banger!

It all started when CHVRCHES’ synth master, Martin Doherty, worked on a demo called ‘Piano Tin Drum.’ Later on, it developed through a reflection on the struggles of life with the help of the band‘s singer Lauren Mayberry. ‘How Not To Drown’ kicked in and Robert Smith joined forces. The final cut of the track was born and the rest is history. The table is set for CHVRCHES.

With the new album on the way, we can’t wait to discover the themes that deal with anger, power, and having our dark places exposed. This wonderful collaboration is a big teaser. We can’t resist listening to it non-stop. While ‘He Said She Said’ fights with inequalities, the latest single is a pop noire story about living with anxiety.

The Perfect Match!

The style of ‘How Not To Drown’ suits perfectly The Cure’s frontman presence. While the songwriting has dark metaphors, Robert Smith puts his magical retro touch on the song. The outcome is perfect! CHVRCHES and Robert Smith are a perfect match! The electrifying bass sounds invade our dreams and nightmares, like spiders creeping in our beds. It sounds pretty familiar to The Cure’s fans. Indeed the track borrows some elements from ‘Lullaby’, especially with the guitar chords but it makes a brilliant contrast with Mayberry’s voice, like a light at the end of the tunnel. The emotions are so intense! The duet brings the goth-rock genre to another level. Forget the glamourous sounds from CHVRCHES, you’ll discover a path through melodic dark alleyways on this new single.

Image Source: Sebastian Mlynarski & Kevin J Thomson

Catch Them If You Can!

There is a concert announcement bonanza and we are so pleased to tell you that CHVRCHES will get on tour with Donna Missal in North America. All the information about the dates, venues, and how to buy your tickets is here. Get them before they fly away on June 11th.

Actually, we’re having so much fun that we’ll relieve the stress caused by getting the tickets, by streaming the track on our favorite music apps here! Don’t forget to get some more goodies too! Preorder Screen Violence over here! We have still two months to wait, but, for now, we can enjoy the delightful visuals of ‘How Not To Drown’ below.

What are you the most excited about the album? Will you attend the tour? Tell us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

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Featured Image source: Sebastian Mlynarski & Kevin J Thomson

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