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Get Ready to Empty Your Pockets for Wolf Alice

Get Ready to Empty Your Pockets for Wolf Alice

We thought it over, and yes, we are willing to break the bank for Wolf Alice. The band ushered in new beginnings with ‘The Last Man on Earth‘ off their new album Blue Weekend (via Dirty Hit/RCA Records). Since then, three additional tear-jerking singles have been released, a tour was announced, and still, we’re left asking, “…who hurt this band?“ One thing’s for sure, the album title holds true. With all this new music coming up, we are in for a particularly Blue Weekend with Wolf Alice.

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Image Source: Wolf Alice via Twitter

Let’s All Headbang While We ‘Smile’

“Don’t call me mad / There’s a difference I am angry / And your choice to call me cute has offended me”

Smile‘ stands out from the singles pack in the best possible way. Truly reminiscent of the younger Wolf Alice sound we fell in love with, but with a mature twist. Ellie Rowsell wants us to know you can’t get away with treating her like she’s less than what she knows she is worth. Just because someone chooses to wear their emotions on their sleeve, doesn’t give you the right to abuse that privilege.

You can also watch an explosive live performance of ‘Smile’ on BBC’s Radio 1 here!

The Latest On WA

The band’s newest single ‘How Can I Make It OK?’ is for the softies who cry in their bedroom while dancing along to thunderous-sounding guitar music. We see you, we hear you, and we know it’s going to be okay. There’s a howl of emotion in Ellie’s voice as she begs:

How can I make it okay? I just want you to be happy / Nothing else is as important as that to me

A ridiculously powerful chorus; if Ellie’s goal was to punch listeners right in the gut with this, she’s definitely succeeded. The whole song invokes a soft image of being cradled at your weakest point, being spoken to directly, a voice asking “How do we sell you the world?… so fierce, so bold / someone like you should not be left unsold

Well, don’t ask us, we’re too busy sobbing right now.

Wolf Alice: Live!

Man, all this new Wolf Alice music is getting us way too eager to see them on tour.

With all these festivals and tour dates being bombarded at us recently, we know it’s overwhelming trying to decide where to go, or who to see. But we attest to the fact that queuing for a Wolf Alice gig always makes for a good time. It’s been quite the punishment of having to adjust to a life without live music, but the band is here to spare us.

If you’re in the US, Wolf Alice kicks off their very own headlining tour to celebrate this new music. Starting this October in Seattle, Washington they will make their way through the states before wrapping up in Atlanta, Georgia in late November. Tickets go on sale Friday, June 4th at 10 am local time!

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(Small warning, their UK/Ireland tour is all nearly sold out and they’ve begun adding extra shows – the babes are in high demand so get your tickets fast!)

The band has also decided to bless fans (or stress them out, who knows) by dropping their new album Blue Weekend on the same day tickets go on sale, June 4th. Eleven tracks of pure bliss, we’re sure.

How did you find out about Wolf Alice? Have you seen them live yet? Tag us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop to let us know, or find us on Instagram and Facebook!


Featured Image Source: Rockerilla

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