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Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale ‘Begins Again’ With Ingrid Michaelson & ZAYN

Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale ‘Begins Again’ With Ingrid Michaelson & ZAYN

Leave it to Ingrid Michaelson to close off yet another stellar season of Grey’s Anatomy, and aiding her to create more musical eloquence, is one of our best-loved favorites of all time, ZAYN himself. Because take it from us, she does it like no other, and this time- we have proof!

It is secret to no one that the widely admired series by Shondaland, Grey’s Anatomy, has been nothing less than a shooting star for Ingrid that has granted the best of her dreams. And we never complained for a single second because that star has given us a whopping fifteen stunning songs from her side, which undoubtedly made us fall in love with her just as much with the series.

But this time, she has outdone herself. Her single, ‘To Begin Again’ featuring ZAYN stole our hearts at the finale of Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 that aired on ABC on the 3rd of June, 9:00 – 10:01 p.m. EDT- and it is musical electricity, earning it a place in talks with Billboard and Bustle. Listen to the song right here!

Image Source: Dario Cantatore via Getty Images

‘To Begin Again’ is Hope Redefined

The song, a soft, piano-backed ballad, is a literal soul elixir, working around the themes of abandonment, despair, and defeat that slowly change into hope, life, and love. It is a melodious representation of the world transitioning, mid and post-pandemic. Ingrid’s textural vocals scream artistic finesse all the way and talking of ZAYN – he could just be making random conversation, and we would still melt all over it because even that would be that harmonized. Their voices blend like cream, and the high notes of ZAYN, which we live for most days, are flawless as uncut ice. Not that we expected anything less!

We understand we got you in the zone, so get your insatiable dose of ZAYN content on the hive right here!

Image Source: NBC via Getty Images

The official music video for ‘To Begin Again’ by Ingrid and ZAYN was released a month ago. It was a representational parallel of the planet, struggling in the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic and to the hopeful return to normalcy in a post-pandemic world. It is everything that everyone needs at the moment, and it just gives us a small, powerful faith that eventually, things would indeed be alright, and we would get another day. ‘To live and love and breathe again.’ 

‘To Begin Again’ Makes Us Shed An Extra Tear At The Finale

‘To Begin Again’ marks yet another milestone in the epic, long-running relationship of Ingrid Michaelson with Grey’s Anatomy ever since 2006, which in time strengthened her stardom stronghold with ‘Keep Breathing’ (OST for Season 3 Finale).

I’m honored that my voice is braided into the DNA of this wonderful show. I’m so excited that it’s closing out this very important and poignant season.

Ingrid Michaelson about her long term association with Grey’s Anatomy

The show has ranked as ABC’s No. 1 show (in total viewers and adults 18-49) for the 2020-2021 season, and Ingrid has devoted 16 impeccable songs to the soundtrack so far. As of now, we don’t intend to get over this latest finale anymore than ‘To Begin Again.’ We can only say that Ingrid and ZAYN know mighty well how to close a season!

We suggest you remember the name Ingrid Michaelson when you see it because you’ll be seeing plenty. As she dives into her other projects, we only wish her all the energy. God knows she needs it with all that chart-climbing and heart-claiming!

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