Isaac Anderson Opens Up About Love

Isaac Anderson Opens Up About Love

Is it your dream to tour with the biggest artists in the world? Our next new artist is the official guitarist from the Louis Tomlinson crew. Isn’t it wonderful? Isaac Anderson released his new solo EP Love In Conversation this week. The sweet melodies will shine on your summer days. It’s guaranteed!

‘Love In Conversation’

Isaac Anderson’s mini-album opens on the title track ‘Love In Conversation.’ This song gives a little spark of comfort to our hearts and will make him gain his proper fandom, with such sensibility and his romantic crooner aesthetic. Introducing wisely the EP, the song invites us to open up. Let’s reflect on how we are treating each other. Leave each of your problems aside and use your imagination to let your relationships flow. Listen to the lovely track here.

‘Light Me In Red’

The Nottingham singer-songwriter may showcase delicate folk songs but he can be a little bit more upbeat too. The guitar clusters in superb harmony with the fierce vocals. Isaac Anderson takes a moment to think about how the world changed drastically in a year. “The universe’s plans are often lost on us,” he sings on ‘Light Me In Red.’ Some situations are unpredictable. We guess we had a glimpse of it in 2020. Right?

Image Source: Sam Nahirny

‘Yesterday’s Clothes’

All I wanna do is waking up next to you / Yesterday’s clothes in my room,” Isaac Anderson starts in the chorus. His falsettos kept shining through and it invades the whole space with passionate tones. The guitar’s discreet hums bring emotional vibes. It takes over our senses in all possible ways. Love is around the corner! It’s too hard to predict when it happens, don’t you think?

‘Goodnight Darling’

Love In Conversations EP closes beautifully with‘Goodnight Darling,’ which is this beautiful piano ballad full of soul. In the likes of Declan J Donovan or Sam Smith, the powerful vocals intertwine spellbindingly with the musical lines and the guitar bridges. Working with Nat Webb is the best decision Isaac Anderson could have ever made. The Struts‘ producer brings a solid and poignant mood to the whole record.

Image Source: Isaac Anderson on Facebook

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Featured image Source: Sam Nahirny

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