iZNiiK Shares His Sunny Dance Routine

iZNiiK Shares His Sunny Dance Routine

Who’s behind the mask? We don’t know yet but this producer and DJ who works under the moniker of iZNiiK put the world on fire with his beats. Here’s some good news for you! His latest party anthem is out now! Who’s ready to move like the king or queen of the disco?

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Who Says Sampling?

iZNiiK kept busy all year long in 2020. He took some time to explore his artistic senses on his no sleep code project on Soundcloud. Like fellow dance producers IMANU or Whethan, he can create big flows inspired by big disco powerhouse to deeper rhythms. His creativity has no limits. During the pandemic, he crafted that series of bops that we are so addicted to. Listen to iZNiiK’s hip hop and dub samplings on ‘Locked Down’ below.

Take Me To The Disco

Now everybody’s swinging and moving / And I’m takin the chance / Now we’ve got to come together cos I’m here 2 dance” vocals start to haunt us on the first verse. iZNiiK keeps the mystery along the reverb grooves and the disco-infused drums. Fans of Faithless or the late Daft Punk, check it out. ‘here 2 dance’ is a burning filler! The disco witchcraft we know from the movie Saturday Night Fever exercises such a viral effect on us. This song unites people through the beats and the glitter electro loops. Show us your best footsteps and bring the fire on the dancefloor!

What’s your best place to dance? The beach? Your house? The club? Let us know where you bounce on ‘here 2 dance’ on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

Do you want to bring more disco in your life? Here’s some funky track for you! Click here!


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